Provo is a great family destination.  While no chain fast food restaurants exist on the island, there are many wonderful options for family dining!  The following provide children's menus that are similar to children's menus offered in the United States and Canada. 

 SHARK BITES: (Turtle Cove) The bar-like atmosphere is perfect for younger children who may have difficulty sitting quietly in a more traditional restaurant.  This restaurant is located in the Turtle Cove Marina area offering views of many spectacular boats.  The movement of the boats and the ability to feed fish directly over the railing at the restaurant make it a family favorite!  The children's menu offers the standard fare (chicken fingers, burgers, etc.).  For children with a more sophisticated palatte, the cracked conch, especially the spicy firecracker conch, is a favorite.  The select your own pasta and sauce combos are also great.  Children may select the type of pasta they want and top it with a favorite sauce and meat or fish (the vodka sauce is delicious when combined with shrimp and fettuccine).  For adults, don't miss the almond crusted grouper in a curry sauce. 

CAICOS CAFE: (Caicos Cafe Plaza) This restaurant has the old Caribbean feel.  The French owner and her husband, the chef/owner, welcome families with a lovely, laid back but casually elegant atmosphere and service.  Standard kids menu with foods prepared as if they were the highlight on the menu.  For more sophisticated children, delicous ceasar salad (with homemade dressing) and lobster tail are offered.  The owners are from Paris and the desserts show this heritage!  Great creme brulee.  The owners have several potcake dogs.  One, in particular, Marcel, acts as the maitre'd to the loyal diners who seem to frequent this restaurant.  Marcel is a huge hit with children! 

 HEMINGWAYS: (The Sands Resort)  Perfect for families in every way.  During the day this is a great, casual outdoor restaurant.  The kids menu is prepared well and the chicken fingers are made from real chicken breasts.  At night the restaurant is transformed.  Twinkling lights on the palm trees with soft lighting at ground level and candles on the tables provides an casually elegant atmosphere.  On Tuesday and Thursday night Quinten Dean performs wonderful music poolside (next to the Restaurant) that provides such a lovely addition.  Service is the most prompt on the island, a plus with children.  For children who need to get up and walk around during the meal, the beach is steps away or a quick dance to Mr. Dean's music should do the trick.  For adults, the grouper vera cruz and the mahi-mahi are delicious dinner offerings.  At lunch, the mango shrimp salad and group tacos are not to be missed.  

 BAY BISTRO:  (The Sibonne Resort)  A perfect place for a dressy meal with children.  This restaurant features classic wicker furniture and just feels like the Caribbean.  White table clothes and candles set on tables overlooking Grace Bay make this extra special.  The staff is very nice to children and warmly welcomes them, no matter the age.  The menu is upscale and delicious.  The standard children's menu is offered but they permit children to share an entree from the regular menu with no additional charge.  If children need to walk around during dinner, the garden area at The Sibonne is lovely and the hammocks offer a welcomed diversion.  The ocean and beach in front of the restaurant offer excellent diversions as well.  Weddings frequently take place in front of Bay Bistro on Saturdays.  Children may wander over to see this beautiful wedding setting from the beach.  Please make sure children observe from a respectful distance. 

 DA CONCH SHACK:   A Provo institution, Da Conch Shack offers the freshest conch on the island.  Children love to watch the chef walk into the water, pull out a conch, clean the conch and prepare it to serve.  It is especially entertaining when the boats come in with the catch of the day and unload the bounty into the water in front of this casual outdoor restaurant.  For children who like to eat conch, this is the perfect restaurant.  For those who prefer more standard kids fare, this restaurant does not offer a children's menu (no chicken fingers!)  The Island Chicken is offered.  This is chicken in a creole sauce over rice.  While children with a limited palatte may not enjoy the food, the atmosphere and experience will be memorable for any child.  If need be, feed the pickier eatters before arriving at Da Conch Shack and allow them to watch the show that is the preparation of the food!  For adults and sophisticated kids, the conch fritters and cracked conch are the best and freshest on the island.  Be forewarned that service is slow because your meal must be caught but it is worth it!