Just a short taxi drive north from downtown Port of Spain and on a hill overlooking the city is the old Fort George, built in 1804 by the British as a defense post against enemies approaching NW Trinidad by sea; however, it never saw any military action and was restored beginning 1965.

The views of Caroni Swamp, the Gulf of Paria, Port of Spain, Westmoorings, Carenage and Pointe Gourde from this fort are first rate, and a few picnic tables on the grounds make for a lovely place to enjoy a snack or meal while enjoying the views.

A Victorian-style former signal house built on the grounds of the fort around 1883 doubles as a small museum for the fort, and there are several original cannons still pointing to sea over the stone walls with the cannons still displaying the British insignia of the early 1800's.

The small lock-up is also preserved on the grounds but never held actual prisoners. It was used for decades by wealthy merchants and plantation owners to store their valuables whenever there was civil unrest or rumors of rebellion on the island. The bars on the lock-up's door & windows are made from old rifle barrels, and the lock-up is now used for storage.

20-30 min. here is plenty of time to look at everything, including the great views, but it's also a great place just to get away from the city below and feel rested.