Opportunities for shopping in St. Vincent and the Grenadines are not extensive, but "stuff" is still to be had. Shopping consists mostly of locally-designed clothing of linen, silk, and locally-manufactured cotton. Furniture, pottery, jewelry, and basketry made by local artisans all allow you to bring home a piece of the Caribbean, if you want.  

St. Vincent's capital, Kingstown, is where most of St. Vincent's shops can be found, between Bay Street and Bedford Street. Edwin D. Layne and Sons, Limited, is a department/electrical supply/liquor/clothing store for those who want to get dressed, have a drink, and install a light fixture all at the same time.

A supermarket on Upper Bay Street deals strictly in food, with no home improvement distractions. Nearby Cheroots offers authentic Cuban cigars and tobacco-associated items, while a visit Canouan, Bequia, Mustique, or any of several other Grenadine islands will uncover antique shops, furniture shops, and a smattering of various other boutiques, restaurants, and cafes. Port Elizabeth, on Bequia, sells model ships popular with tourists.

Overall, item costs tend to run high, though the quality is usually of equal measure. What they lack in proliferation, merchants of St. Vincent and the Grenadines make up for in value and effort.