This is from a first-time visitor who is no meteorologist -  just one person's humble opinion.  You'll definitely get Caribbean weather when you're on St. Vincent but be forewarned it is a rainforest climate. It's so mountainous that clouds tend to gather over it - at least it was the case in early February. There were short but intense rainshowers every day or night, and few, if any, times when the skies were mostly clear and blue. Approaching from Bequia and Mustique, you could see the clouds hanging over St. Vincent like a large canopy. Having said that, the cloud coverage gives you a break from the intense sun. And as others report in these Forums, you will get plenty of sunshine while you visit at this time of year. The weather is also so changeable it can be a torrential downpour one minute and gorgeous the next. One other word to note - it gets extremely  windy at this time of year - believe this goes on through the end of February. And by windy, this means big gusts if you're trying to lie on the beach! (Guess that's why it's a sailor's paradise).