Growing up as a child on YURUMEIN which is the GARIFUNA name for Saint Vincent and the Grenadines was hard not to be adventurious you get your first glimpse of Fort Duvernette as you descend from Sion Hill approaching Arnos Vale originally called GREATHEAD. Long-lived locals will tell you "I was born in GREATHEAD! not Arnos Vale." Explaining that Arnos Vale came to be due to an English man by the name of Mr. Arno.  

Once you have reached GREATHEAD you loose sight of Fort Duvernette and it does not come back into to view untill you reach Indian Bay. However, when you get to Villa beach the fort is 250 yards in frony of you here is where your adventure be

If you're a fit swimmer, you can swim firstly to Youngs Island named after another English man and then on to Fort Duvernette locally called just ROCK FORT. Be careful if you consider it - there a constant strong current swilring between both islets which can make it a bit too dangerous to attempt.