The Cayman Islands are a duty-free destination, meaning that most luxury items are much cheaper than anywhere in the United States, Canada or Europe. It is a good idea to stock up on expensive gifts such as antiques (Artifacts), jewelry (Diamonds Direct, Caribbean Jewelers), watches (De Sunglass Man/De Watch Man) and electronics (Cayman Camera) since North American visitors can also bring back as many of these goods as they wish without declaring them, as customs taxes are not charged. There are import taxes on all goods that come into the Cayman Islands, however, but no direct taxation on either individuals or companies.

Shopping venues in George Town usually come in the form of boutiques or small clusters of stores, with local arts and crafts being the most prominent type of souvenir goods sold. You may also want to bring back some local culinary specialties. Rum is an especially popular drink in these parts, and the Tortuga Rum Company offers a wide selection of rum blends, rum cake, and other gourmet food products. There are also stores and markets that sell fresh produce, spices, condiments and other foodstuffs such as the Farmer’s Market Cooperative (Thomas Russell Way) or Frankie’s Fresh Fruits & Juices (Red Bay Road).