There are several taxi stands throughout George Town, notably at the Owen Roberts International Airport and at the cruise ship dock. Public transportation is available in the form of buses, most of which leave from the Public Library on Edward Street. Mini-buses running eight other routes are also available, but these buses do not run on a set schedule, but a savvy traveller can usually get by just fine.

Renting a car is probably the best option for those who can do so, especially if staying off seven Mile Beach. To rent a vehicle, you must first get a temporary permit, which is available from any of the car rental agencies. You must also present a driver’s license from your home country. There is a minimum age requirement of 21 to rent a car, but many companies will refuse to cover those under 25.

Residents of the United States and Canada will need to be aware the local customs is to drive on the left side of the road. Also, round-a-bouts can be particularly tricky if you are not used to them. Here are some tips for driving on round-a-bouts:

1. Always give way to traffic already on the round-a-bout
2. Always give way to traffic coming from your right
3. Always use your indicators; right if you're continuing around and left if you're exiting
4. Never assume what other drivers on the round-a-bout are doing, especially if they are not using their indicators.

It is also possible to rent a scooter, which are significantly cheaper. But given the traffic volume in the main tourist areas, a renal car is highly sdvisable.  If you do rent a scooter, remember to wear a helmet and get a driving permit for these as well. Visitors who want to save money or avoid the hassle of inching through George Town’s traffic jams can explore the island by bicycle instead; there are several companies that rent 10-speed and mountain bikes in George Town.  Again, like scooters, biking in the congested traffic areas of the island (i.e. the main tourist areas) should be carefully considered.