Shopping in the Cayman Islands is very similar to any other island in the Caribbean, but with a bit of its own unique qualities. You will always be able to find the smaller stands that sell some trinkets and other souvenirs. Some very popular items are t-shirts, shot glasses that say Cayman Islands, and keychains. The prices for these items are pretty cheap, and since they are abundant and basically all the same, you should not have to pay too much for these items. One thing that the Cayman Islands is known for is rum cakes. You absolutely must pick up some while you are there. One of the biggest companies on the island is Tortuga Rum Co. Not only do they sell good rum, but they sell amazing rum cakes. You can go for a visit to the factory, and if you like really like them you can buy enough to have shipped home. Because the rum is locally distilled, it doesn't cost that much money either, which is very nice if you plan on stocking up. The Cayman Islands also have a number of good jewelery shops. In the larger market areas you will find a lot of jewelery stores, each one with good merchandise. There really isn't any difference, as they all get the products from the same source. It just comes down to what type you like and how much you can bargain down for.

Shoppers will also find unique gifts, souvenirs, collectables at several unique shops, galleries.  A favorite purchase is Caymanite jewelry or sculptures which are a polished stone of gorgeous colors which is ONLY fornd in Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac.  Caymanite pendants, beaded bracelets, and necklaces are most popular.  Locally woven (thatch tree fronds) baskets, bags, hats, hot pads are also a uniuely Camanian collectable.  There are also very fine original paintings, sculptures, prints, photos of Cayman to enjoy.  In addition to Rum cakes, the art at gorgeous Cayman seascapes which have sold internationally are now throughout the world!  Look for delicious Cayman jams, hot sauces, Cayman Sea Salt, pepper jelly.  Find natural island soaps, lotions, creams, body sprays all handdone in Cayman.  Sewn wall art, cushions, dolls, quilts are often available.  Lovely Cayman books, notecards, post cards, magnets, mouse pads, are uniquely cayman by local artists.  Cayman music is on cds and local musicians varry from fun Barefoot tunes to classical piano by George Davidson, to High Tide's great music and other local group's music.  Prices of all items in this paragraph are very reasonably priced for the quality and are not negotiated,  but  various coupons available for shops and galleries in Grand Cayman.  (Also look for Cayman lisence plates , Island placematts, tea towels, handdone calabache, coconut, thatch rope bowls).  Handpainted baby one pieces and baby gifts available.  Handdone shell Christmas ornaments, sewn wall hangings, painted glass ornaments also uniquely Cayman.


For visitors who need another book to read the Book Nook in the Galleria on West Bay Road has thousands of books. They get books in every week so you can find the NY Times best sellers as well as books about the Cayman Islands. The kids will enjoy  the store as well as there are loads of books, toys and games for them too. A wide range of greeting cards and gift items. This store is a combination Barnes & Noble, toy, greeting card and gift store. 

 Popular shopping stops:  The Glassblowing studio, North Church Street.  Pure Art Gallery and Gifts, South Church Street.

Other fun places:  Dr. Carey Hurlston's Black Coral Clinic, South Church St..  Cathy Church's Underwater photo shop, South Church St..  The Wreck View Gift Shop, East End.   Guy Harvey's, Harbour Drive/Georgetown.  Artifacts Ltd., Harbour Drive/Georgetown.  Charles Long's home studio, Savannah.   Kennedy Gallery, West  Shore Centre.  Bodden Town Art Shop, Bodden Town.  The Book Nook, Galleria Plaza.    (Other shops offer many gifts too).