If you are over70 years old, you can rent from very few agencies.

Both Sixt and Thrifty do not rent to anyone over 70 in Grand Cayman. Andy’s (as well as Payless) are across the street from the GCM airport, a very short walk. Friendly, helpful staff at Andy’s. Clean and well maintained cars in good condition, but most are smaller than the average American car.

A compact car like the Kia Picanto has 4 doors, with space for either 4 passengers or 2 passengers plus luggage. In one week of limited driving, expect to use ½ tank of gasoline, which cost US$26 to fill, with the price of regular gasoline about C$4.55/gallon. When in a country that drives on the left,  put a big “Curb Left” sign on the dashboard as a reminder.