Renting a car in Philipsburg is a popular choice for tourists and the rates are not overly expensive. For between $25 and $50 per day, a vehicle can be rented from a legitimate rental car company. Most of the rental car companies here do not charge by the mile, but by the day. In order to rent a car, a tourist will need a valid driver’s license and a credit card. Sometimes, rental car companies will accept cash deposits of about $500 in lieu of a credit card. A car can’t be rented at the airport, but if one is desired, the rental car company will deliver it to any hotel.

There are many taxis on the island. Tourists often hire taxis at the airport and take them to their hotels. They’re also available for trips anywhere a tourist wants to go. The rates for hiring a taxi are not calculated by distance, but by a rate card that has pre-determined charges for traveling from one point to another. The rates are regulated by the government so that tourists do not get ripped off.   There are specific taxi stations in a couple of places in Philipsburg, but they can also be found driving around waiting for passengers to hire them.