Baie Rouge is a picturesque beach in the Terres Basses (Lowlands) area on St. Martin.     Baie Rouge ("Red Bay") gets it's name from the slightly red hue of the sand. It is in a residential area and there are no hotels in the immediate area.      The hillside and beachfront is dotted with nice homes and  luxury villas.    

If you are not staying at one of the residences or villas on the beach, your only access to the beach is via car.    There is a public parking area available.    It can be difficult to find since there is only a small sign and the beach can't be seen from the road.         Coming from the Dutch side of the island on the lowlands road,  the parking area is on your left - right before the road bears hard right towards the Sandy Ground area.    There is a small sign and you can see the painted white rocks in the parking area.    This is your only choice for parking as there is no "on street" parking available for Baie Rouge.   

 From the parking area, you head down a somewhat steep hillside and to the Eastern side of the beach which is where most people congregate for sunbathing and swimming.     This end of the beach has the feel of a charming beach cove.   There is a small concession that rents beach chairs and umbrellas.    At times, there are local vendors selling clothing and jewelry in a low key, friendly manner.       There are also couple of a surprisingly good and thriving open air beach bar and grills (Gus's and Chez Raymond) available that serve typical beach barbecue type fare.    Both beach bars seem to have quite a bit of energy and function as a lively hub of activity.

 Most of the swimming and sunbathing is on the Eastern side of the beach.   The surf has a sandy bottom with a fairly gentle slope and small waves.     There is a rocky formation here and you can see people snorkeling at times since the rocks do attract small fish.     The young and the young at heart can jump off the rocks into the sea.     Visitors should be aware that topless sunbathing is neither unusual or (in this environment) salacious.     Since you are in St. Martin, the beach has a distinct French and European flavor.   Baie Rouge can get crowded on the weekend with  the locals from Marigot.

 The beach itself is about a half mile long.    The Western side of  Baie Rouge is dominated by the  Falaise des Oiseaux ("Bird Cliffs").     It makes for quite a scenic picture from the beach.     It's quite a nice pastime to meander to the Western side of the beach.     The sand itself is quite soft and gives quite a bit  under your feet so unless you walk in the area hardened by the waves, you will get quite a workout.  During your walk you will enjoy nice views of neighboring Anguilla and might even catch a regatta in progress on Sunday.

 Aside from the popular Eastern beach area, the rest of Baie Rouge is fairly secluded and you may get the feeling that you've found a private beach for the day.    The surf and beach is a little more rugged and rocky in this area but is still swimmable for more intrepid souls.  In this area, the beach becomes much more clothing optional.    It is not unusual to see members of both genders enjoying the sunshine without the encumbrance of clothing.

 Baie Rouge is something of a hidden gem on the island of St. Martin/St. Maarten.     It's hard to imagine a more beautiful and relaxing setting for a day at the beach.    Consider it a "must see" for any trip to St. Martin.