This island paradise has the sparkling waters of the Caribbean to the West, and the mysterious depths of the Atlantic Ocean to the East. Fittingly it is home to a wide range of water-based activities, including the ability to charter many forms of sea-going vessels. Called “an angler’s dream come true,” the region is home to several species of big game fish, and the island offers some of the best deep-sea fishing anywhere on the planet!

You can stay closer to shore, but still get wet and wild while you take in water-skiing and windsurfing, and most hotels can accommodate beginner, intermediate and advanced skiers. The sport of parasailing adds a bit of an aerial thrill, which also offers spectacular views of the majestic island. And the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean also make for a diving paradise as the island is at the tip of an underwater volcano. Beginner and experienced divers can enjoy studying the varieties of coral, sponge and marine life that surround the island. You can take a jet ski out and ride around the beaches of Rodney Bay. From Reduit beach to the beaches of Pigeon point etc. There are some other private quiet beaches near the Rodney bay area where you can ride the jetski. It's fun!

The beauty isn’t just in the sea either. The island’s landscape is quite mountainous, and the interior rises to almost 1,800 feet above sea level. The 19,000 acres of inland rainforest include 29 miles of trails, and it is home to rare birds and plants. This interior is largely untouched but still includes a mix of trails that allow for leisurely walks or more strenuous hikes.