Friday, night is party night in Salem with food , music and drink everywhere. For a great local meal go to DD's Bar in Hope, just up towards the Volcano Observatory. When you have finished, drive into Salem and stop at Dessert Storm, Misers, Noreen's, or The Holsum Bar.  A "must stop" is Gary Moore's Wide Awake Bar, so named because you will often find owner Gary Moore asleep behind the bar.  Just wake him and ask for a drink. It is the place to be on a Friday night for locals, tourists and Ex Pats.

If you have any energy for dancing stroll along to Tony's (the Spanish Bar) for late night music and dancing or Klub Supreme Bar and Grill, if not up for the crowd or loud music you can come earlier or on other night a more tranquil evening music depending on the crowd.

The bars in Montserrat are probably as safe as anywhere in the world so you don't have to worry.  Just enjoy a night of liming in Montserrat!