Lime Cay

Lime Cay is one of a number of tiny islands just outside of Kingston Harbour and an ideal antidote to the hustle and bustle of the city.  You can take a boat from either the Y-Knot bar or the Morgan's Harbour Hotel, which are located on the road past the airport as you come into Port Royal.  A twenty minute boat ride takes you to Lime Cay, which has a beautiful white sand beach and turquoise sea on one side and views across to Kingston from the other.  You can walk around the island in about  ten minutes, so there is not much to do other than swim and relax on the beach.  There is a small beach bar, which I think is only open at weekends, so a picnic can be advisable!  The place can get busy at weekends, when a number of pleasure boats tend to drop in, restricting the swimming area a little.  It is also very exposed, so take some lotion and probably best avoided when it is windy!  The boats run backwards and forwards around every hour and are reasonably priced.  Overall and lovely place for a day trip and probably the closest pristine white sand beach to Kingston.