Reggae music is the music of Jamaica which was formed back in the I960's by artists such as Bob Marley and Jimmy Cliff. The music is influenced by the African drum and Rastafari when considering "Roots Rock Reggae" a sound that Bob Marley brought to the mainstream music.

In the 1970's Bob Marley was the undisputed King of Reggae and "Roots Rock Reggae" who spread the message of Rastafari and voiced the politics of the Jamaican people and those treated as the "underclass" around the world.

Jimmy Cliff's Reggae music helped to promote the first feature film in Jamaica "The Harder They Come". Since then Reggae has been used for advertisements etc.

Dennis Brown another favourite Reggae artist was and is also known as the "Crown Prince of Reggae" and there are now many more artist today like Beenie Man, a "Dancehall" artist who has done a lot for mainstream Reggae around the world. Beenie has done many duets or combinations as it is known in Jamaica.

Reggae Music now has artists from all over the world which has created many "One Love" concerts and festivals. Please look out for and enjoy those in Jamaica e.g. "Sumfest" in Montego Bay and "Rebel Salute" in January on the south coast in the port kaiser area.