Taxis are available in Haiti and are widely used, but these taxis are different from the taxis which most people are used to in their home locations.  The main difference is that drivers charge a single far no matter what the destination is and this is due to an underlying main difference which is that taxi drivers will pick up passengers until their car is full.  What this means is that visitors who take a taxi may find the car stopping before they reach their destination in order to pick up other travelers who will ride in the car with them.  In general, unless the second passenger’s destination is much closer, the driver will proceed on to drop off the first passenger before taking the second passenger to the requested destination.  More information on why this unusual method of transportation is a favorite one is available at .

Rental cars are an option in Haiti but they are not recommended.   Travelers who do rent them generally rent them upon arrival at the airport.   They are somewhat expensive, at approximately $60 per day, but this is not the reason that they are not recommended.   Instead, it has been found that the combination of difficult roads and bad drivers in Haiti generally makes it unsafe for drivers from foreign countries to comfortably drive in Haiti.   Additionally, Haiti has excellent public transportation ( ) which makes renting a car unnecessary.