If you are making your "bucket list", one of the must do things on Grenada is to go whale watchin.  It is the experience of a lifetime.  Of course, your tour guide cannot guarantee that you will see whales, as they say, this is not Sea World where a gate is opened and the whales come swimming in.  Nonetheless, you are taken out in a pontoon about 6-8 miles offshore.   There are several other boats with spotters looking for whales.  A microphone is dropped into the water, listening for the whale cries.  You are certain you will see nothing.  Suddently, you hear shouts of "There she blows", you are all looking for the blowhole indicating the whale is about to surface.  At first no whales are to be seen.  Then, majestically, she first rises and swims along the surface, a shiny black creature in the dark water.  She then rises up and with her tail high in the air, slides again beneath the sea.  Everyone on the boat got to see two whales at different times during the excursion.  Absolutely unforgettable for everyone.

 Be sure to check  to check all these items in your list if you want to say back home that you visited Grenada:

1) Walk in St.George, Grenada's beautiful capital, visit St. George's Roman Catholic Church, York House (the site of the House of Representatives), the Senate and the Supreme Court;

2) Walk along the wharf road by the harbour and have a look at the luxurious ships and modest fishing boats arriving and departing from the Carenage;

3) Visit Market Square on Saturday morning and buy spices;

4) Walk along the Esplanade in the evening and admire the dramatic sunset;

5) Visit Fort George and admire the wonderful sight of the harbour;

6) Visit Grenville and take a tour to the see the processing of nutmeg, Grenada's most valued spice;

7) Visit River Antoine Rum Distillery, learn the traditional methods of rum preparation;

8) Admire Mt. Rich Ameriandian petroglyphs;

9) Visit Levera National Park and snorkel in the waters to admire the coral reefs and sea grass beds; and

10) Go to the beach, spend hours swimming and enjoying the sight of the turquoise sea.

11) Visit Hog Island by kayak and go snorkelling to see coral reefs, fish, turtles, etc.