There are many things you can do in a day in Grenada. You can chill on Grand Anse beach sipping a cocktail, or go for a 'hash' into areas of Grenadas beautiful forests that you may not usually see by car (, or you can spend a day in St Georges, taking in the sites & taking photos from Fort George, visit the Grenada History Museum, visit the popular Art Fabrik & other shops, walk through the Sendall Tunnel to the popular modern malls & visit the market & see the fresh fruits, veg & spices from all over Grenada. Then you can stop off for lunch at some of the many eateries on the lovely picturesque Carenage before getting into your hired car, or a local bus back home.

There are many beautiful beaches in Grenada. In the South there is Grand Anse, BBC/Morne Rouge, Pink Gin Beach, Aquarium Beach & Lance Aux Epines beach. All beaches in Grenada are for the public to use. Further out there is La Sagesse, Bathway & Levera. There are fine sand beaches and black sand beaches.

 Other areas in Grenada to visit are rum distilleries, Grand Etang rain forest, Lake Antoine, The Nutmeg Factory, Grenada Chocolate Company, Hevellyn House, the beautiful Belmont Plantation (,  river tubing, Carib's leap at Sauteurs, waterfalls, whale & dolphon watching, Hog Island, sailing trips, glass bottomed boat trips to name a few of the choices you have. There is also Fish Friday, at Gouyave that is very popular with locals & tourists and goes into the night. Best speak to your hotel rep or manager for more info on these trips. Many tour guides offer deals however if you are more adventerous then you can just take a map & jump in your hired car. Most places are now clearly signposted. You cannot get lost in Grenada. If you do find yourself off the beaten track then there are always people about to help you on your merry way. 

Visiting Carriacou is an excellent idea for a one-day trip from Grenada. Start the day early in the morning as the Osprey ferry (it runs daily to Carracou) leaves at 9:00 from Queen's Jetty on the Carenage but it is recommended that you arrive half an hour earlier to buy the tickets. (one way is $70 EC, double it for round trip). Make sure that you book onto the ferry that takes 90 minutes as sometimes they have a replacement ferry that takes 3 hours there & 3 hours back. The ferry runs regularly all day but if you want an early start it is suggested you get an early ferry so you can enjoy your day to the fullest.

It is a nice 90-minute trip into the small islands between Grenada and Carriacou. You will arrive in the island's main town: Hillsborough. The ferry returns at 5:30 pm, so you'll have enough time to visit the town.

You can spend some time on the beach that is by the town (it really feels like a laid back beach town) creating a nice intimacy with the sea. Done with swimming and relaxing on the beach, stop by one of the colorful beach bars for a snack or try a full course meal at some of the restaurants in town. Stroll along the winding up streets and admire the views of the harbour as you ascend.

Visit the Botanical Gardens where you can relax while you WOW at the view of some exotic plants. Why not try some shopping now? You will find some of Caribbean typical products: batiks, woodworks, jewelry and interesting clothing (dresses, blouses, tops) at the boutiques in downtown and the stores by the beach.

Before boarding the ferry back to Grenada, visit Carriacou Museum, locals are positive: "it is the best little museum in all the Caribbean!"

In short, visiting Carriacou is like getting in one of those small American towns, beautiful and and warm, where you feel at home.