When it comes to shopping Grenada is quite paradoxical. Grenada has two main shopping malls, the Esplanade and Spiceland. The Esplanade Mall is located on Melville St, St. Georges and has over 50 stores and mostly caters to tourists and duty free shoppers. Unfortunately lots of shops have closed however a few souvenir shops have replaced them. You still get to shop for spices, clothing, international jewelry including watches, perfumes and other duty free items. Duty Free Caribbean and Colombian Emeralds carry most exclusive brands in this mall.

A newer jewelry store by the name of Glitter Jewelry has arrived and they have some fantastic looking pieces of jewelry with very fair pricing. The Newest Jewelry store by the name of Be Dazzled Jewelers actually beats everyone with the best selection on the widest variety of jewelry you will ever fathom, and the best part is that the owners are always present to make your shopping experience pleasent. What you will like about this store is that it is the smallest store tucked away in the corner and it is like the hidden treasure which you stumble on. Lisa's - the only Jewelry store that sells authentic Grenadite Jewelery - handmade in Grenada has moved to Herbert Blaize Street in St. George's. However Lisa's has two other stores one in the Spiceland Mall and other in the Departure Lounge of the International Airport

  Esplanade Mall

Spiceland Mall is a mall located about 20 minutes outside of St. Georges. It has over 30 stores and has the island’s best supermarket called Real Value IGA Supermarket. This sells a wide variety of IGA and President’s Choice products. It’s almost North American at first-glance. Also in this mall is Do It Best Home Centre, Lisa's Jewelery , Adonis which is a wonderful clothing store, a perfume store, and a DVD store etc. There is also a large food court area.

Apart from the malls the streets of St. Georges are crowed with vendors selling fruits and vegetables, clothes and drinks. There are a couple of other good stores in St. Georges as well.

Souvenir, gift and handicraft shops are also prevalent in the St. George’s district, especially on Young Street and the Carenage. The best buys in Grenada are batik and screen printed textiles, locally made handicraft, leather craft, and wood carvings. For those looking for larger shopping centers, the Grand Anse Shopping Centre where you can find a recent addition to the other shops;  a quaint   and unusual little gift shop called the Alabaster Box; be sure to visit you will be pleasantly surprised.  Also LeMarquis Complex offer shops, clothing stores, restaurants and art galleries.

Excel Plaza in the more busy part of Grand Anse area has a Subway food outlet and a movie theatre. You can also find top line clothing and shoes at Smith's, enjoy a caribbean roti or grilled fish at  the Chef's castle or shop for local produce at the national importing Board.

Most of the duty free shops are located on the Esplanade and Carenage in St. George’s or at Maurice Bishop International Airport, including Gittens Duty Free Shops for perfumes and cosmetics, Bon Voyage for jewellery, crystal, and other gifts, Colombian Emeralds for a fine selection of quality jewellery, LAND for Leather goods and Duty Free Caribbean for gifts, souvenirs and duty free rums and spirits.

There is the Grand Anse Shopping Centre which is the premier shopping centre in the south of the island. It is home to a pharmacy, hardware store, Food Fair supermarket and Rick's Cafe which offers ice cream, burgers, pizzas and other fast food items.

Le Marquis Shopping Centre is home to a couple restaurants and bars including Gibsons, a DVD store, a toy store, computer accessory store, cell phone store; travel agency and couple boutiques.

Grenada Craft Centre located on Lagoon Road has few craft shops that sell quality products which are made in Grenada including soaps, perfumes and other crafts. One can also visit the Grand Anse Vendors Market opposite the Roman Catholic Church in Grand Anse which is dotted with small booths selling local crafts, souvenirs and other products. It also also located right on Grand Anse Beach. 

Bruce Street Mall annex The Esplanade Mall is more of a commercial complex it comprises clothing stores, utility companies, a cafe, a restaurant, DO IT BEST Home Centre and other retail stores. It is 3 storeys and has an elevator and a escalator. This mall has been recently twinned with the Esplanade Mall and one is now able to walk thorugh both malls without going outside.

GCNA Commercial Complex located on Lagoon Road near the Shell Gas Station is the most recently built shopping centre. It houses beauty salons and retail businesses including a pharmacy.

 There is a lot of potential in sight for this beautiful little island with respect to quality shopping