A great way to see Grenada and it's Beauty!

A great way to meet locals and visitors as well.

So strap on your shoes and get ready for some fresh air, great trails, and a hangover if you try hard enough...

The Hash meets once a fortnight, on Saturday afternoons, in a different part of the island. It is composed typically of between 50 to 500 runners and walkers of all ages, shapes and sizes.

What is hashing?
Almost every Saturday, at precisely 1600 hours (soemtimes earlier Dec - March), a motley group of assorted runners and walkers assemble at a previously designated rum shop, somewhere in Grenada.

They follow a trail of flour or shredded paper which takes the “pack” through some of the most attractive parts of the island and they return to the rum shop a couple of hours later to consume large quantities of beer and undo all the good that this running and walking has done to them.

You run or walk at your own pace, at your own risk, and with the knowledge of your own limitations. If you are unhappy about the trail ahead of you, you turn back and follow the trail back to the rum shop.

Please note that some of the trails can be difficult. But beautiful.