While the whole of the Samana Peninsula is like a mini-paradise the nearby Los Haitiese National Park is one of the most beautiful and scenic places in the entire Caribbean Ocean. This protected rainforest and mangrove reserve features day excursions that allow you take in this very special place. In fact you can only enter the park with a certified guide, but it is worth the extra effort. This large and scenic park is located at the western coast of the bay along the south shore near Sanchez.

Full day tours leave from Samana, Sanchez and Sabana de la Mar, as well as from Puerto Plata, Sosua and Cabete. The transport time is under 20 minutes but you’ll feel like you’re on some truly isolated island far from the nearest civilization. The tours will guide you through the various watery trains and let you to see up close the Taino native’s caves that were home to the first inhabitants of Hispaniola. These tours include transport; secure boats (to make sure you get back safely) and even a lunch. The tours are available in English and Spanish and are given throughout the year.

And If you want a truly, self-guided off the beaten path experience, rent your own transportation at the docks where the cruise ships let off travelers.  You can normally negotiate with the Scooter and Jeep companies, depending on your skills.  Renting your own transportation gives you the freedom to explore.  If you stay on the main road out of Samana city and head toward Las Terrenas, there are little restaurants and convient stores where you can stop and have a drink or food. 

Along the way there is Salto de Limon, a 100 ft breathtaking waterfall.  There are several natural swimming pools at the base of the waterfall where you can enjoy a nice dip on a hot day.  To reach the waterfall (unseen from the road) you can choose horseback or by foot.  There will be signs for the Waterfall along the way, but the best way to go about it is to stop at the little community past the signs a mile or so down the hill.  Here you can start your hike encountering many different life forms, plants, rocks, mountainous terrain, streams and obstacles taking about 45 minutes each way.  This is for the more advanced hiker and is not recommended for the elderly.  The view from atop of the hill before you start your decent down to the base of the waterfall is breathtaking and well worth the hike.  Take pictures along the way, fore you will want to remember this forever.