Delicios de Bavaro

Located in Plaza Punta Cana, this is as close as you are likely to get to real Dominican food. Look for it right in front of the staff entrance for the Palladium resort.

Solo Polo

Located on Avenida Espana (Friusa) and specializing in chicken. If you don't like are out of luck!

 Danny's Sports Bar

 Located in the Eldorado Plaza...a great place to socialize and play some free pool! They have an outdoor grille that produces some really tasty chicken wraps!.

Steve's Corner Bar

Tasty salchicha (sausage). Served up with curry  sauce and hot sauce. Located right in Plaza Punta cana at the entrance to the Occidental Grand Flamenco.

Non Solo Pizza 

Fire baked pizzas and a good selection of pasta dishes. Located at the side of Plaza Punta Cana