Many tourists like to visit the schools in the Punta Cana area a/d or make donations of school supplies.

Often, these schools prefer that visitors come to the schools after 3 pm as not to disrupt the classes. School supplies are in short supply and they are gratefully accepting all donations of supplies. Please do not take cash as they have no way of providing proof of what they purchased and do not want to be susceptible to any fraudulent accusations.

Beyond the Beach Children's Foundation (, does not like to see children begging, thus have setup a distribution network to get supplies, clothes and donations to the needy in many regions of the Dominican Republic.have setup people in the different areas to accept donations on behalf of the foundation and they will see that it gets to the right people. On the website, you can click on the area you are visiting and you will find contact information there.

Keep in mind that BTBCF does not bring visitors along when dropping off donations/supplies at the schools and does he arrange such visits. Only goods accepted are accepted for direct donations; cash donations should be made to the Foundation.

You can also find opportunities to make donations or volunteer on the Family Travel Network website.