If you are looking to get your scuba certification or just for some wonderful places to dive, you should go with Sea-Pro divers located at Playa Dorada. Before you purchase a course at a very reasonable price, the instructors will be taking an initial assessment of your comfort with scuba gear at the resort to ensure that scuba diving is an activity you can tolerate. For day one of the course they take you to a pool and teach you important exercises and skills required by PADI.  The following two days, they take you to Sosua for four dives to complete the requirements. You will have time to not only swim through Tres Rochas, but you also repeat the excercises that you learned at the pool.  The PADI certified instructors and dive master are all very thorough and very careful to make sure that you learn safe diving techniques.  They clearly state the skills you will learn and what the purpose of each skill is.  In addition, the instructors were able to speak several languages to accomodate each individual as needed.  It is a beautiful, wonderful experience to see what lies in those crystal clear blue waters of the Dominican Republic!  For more information you can contact them at