Ecoturism Dominican Republic 

Ecotourism in Dominican Republic Southwest

Eco Tourism, understand its meaning?

Sustainable tourism, eco-tourism, eco-tourism environment, environmental impact, etc.., Are expressions used very frequently and often without knowing their meaning. According to the  World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) is defined as sustainable tourism which has into account the current and future implications, economic, social and environmental factors to meet the needs of visitors, industry, the environment and host communities ... More info: http://ecoturismosuroesterepublicadom...








 So many places, you just may have to return again and again like so many South Coast Lovers do!

Isla Saona is probably the most popular day trip, with folks coming from as far as Punta Cana to spend a few precious hours on its magnificent shores.  There are many ways to get there. Most Resorts and Tour Operators will have their own packages, and you can also book directly with a few of the local dive shops if you are staying on the South Coast. You can create a perfect day of snorkelling, with stops at the lesser known Isla Catalinita, and bbq lunch on the private beach Playa Canton on Isla Saona. A little glimpse...


Isla Catalina is another popular spot for daytrippers. A lot of tours offer combinations of Catalina, Rio Chavon cruises, & touring the artist village Altos de Chavon. Some people have found that the combo tours are generally too rushed, preferring to choose one activity per excursion and focus on that. Once at Catalina, there are some snorkeling opportunities depending on which side of the island your tour operator takes you to. Food and/or beverages are generally supplied.