The perfect vacation to Curacao starts with your flight to the island. A  recomended  airline is Insel airways and you may be pleasantly surprised. Your journey starts at Charlotte international airport in North Carolina. The airline is currently offering a very good deal. The introductory airfare due to  its new direct flights from charlotte (CLT) to Curacao (CUR) are currently selling for at $140.00 each way.  Charlotte is located 5 1/2 hours driving time from the Hampton roads area. The drive may save you over 1 thousand dollars as airfare can be as high as $1,200.00 per ticket from Norfolk with travel times as long as 18 hours. Parking at charlotte international airport is $6.00 dollars per day in daily parking. However, you can park in long term if it’s not full? For as little as $4.00 per day.

Arrival at Hato airport in Curacao is easy and you could experience no problems with your legal entry and visitors always feel welcome. Baggage retrieval is smooth and there are free luggage carts available for use.  Another good tip:  The ATM is right there in baggage claim and is a must if you are taking a taxi to your hotel or villa. You can retrieve Guilders or U.S. dollars from the ATM Machine.

Taxi fare to the Hilton or marriott hotel is $30.00 dollars for a 10 to 15 minute drive. Best advice is to rent a car.

Upon arrival at the Hilton hotel, 



The 2nd Beach at Hilton



check in and bell services at the Hilton hotel Curacao is very friendly and smooth. The hotel offers van service to downtown on first come 1st serve, sign up basis twice a day with morning and afternoon options . This works out well and only takes less than 10 minutes to get downtown. However, if you want to stay longer, you will need to take a cab back to your hotel; fare to the Hilton hotel is 25-30 U.S. dollars. Best advice is to rent a car.

After a few days at the hotel you may want  to rent a car!  Rental services are available at the hotel through Budget rental. The Marriott hotel, which is located next-door, also offers car rental services. The rental car companies have an odd practice, try and figure out why they would paint a yellow stripe on the rear wheels on all rental cars at budget?  Additionally,  yellow stripes are painted on many rental cars on the island. It seems like a strange practice when the cars can be identified by license plate.  The island is very safe, as you will notice that nothing would indicate that it isn’t safe and on a scale of 1 to 10  with 10 being the highest for safety, Curacao must be a 9.  Most people feel very safe and the local populace is very friendly and helpful with directions you may even be walked you to your desnation if your on foot when you ask how do you get to?

Travel on the island is very easy! The overall majority of the roads are well marked and it’s very easy to drive on the island.

 The exchange rate from U.S. dollars to Guilders

1.75 to 1.77 Guilders to 1 dollar.

Expect to pay what you pay in the united states for meals, activities or groceries.

Tons of places to visit.

Punda (The point) 

and great food  at a local's dining establishment!  The  Plasa Bieu is near the Old Market, just beyond the Queen Wilhelmina footbridge and down the street from the Floating Market.  


 Here locals serve copious amounts of regional cuisine like stewed goat and fresh fish at a fraction of the price found in the surrounding restaurants. 


 Otrabonda ( The other side)


 The beaches are some of the most beautiful in the world.


Other Nice Beaches



and don’t forget the crystal clear water "Its like diving ito a glass of water".

Turtle while scuba diving

You wont soon forget your visit to the Island of Curacao