Sunset Cruise - It's a different way to finish the day. You can take a cruise aboard a catamaran in the neighboring islands of Tio Pepe and Frances. You will also see the ship San Pascual, a sunken vessel in the area since 1933. There is an open bar with national drinks. A lobster dinner is offered on board to maintain the marine atmosphere. This tours starts at 4:30 pm till 9:00 pm. The price in July 2008 was 49 cuc/adult, 40 cuc/child.

 Catamaran Cruise -  Leaving the hotel for the marina only 10 minutes away. Depart onboard a catamaran, to navigate around the neigboring islands to the coast and small keys. The Snorkling session is in warm and transparent  waters, in areas of the second biggest coral reef of the world inhabited by complex and colored forms of life. There is beach time in a secluded area. The next stop is at the new Dolphin Facility where a lobster or chicken lunch can be enjoyed. Spend time with the dolphins for a few tricks and the memorable kiss.There is an open bar and music during the journey. Don't forget to bring the suncream.This tours starts at 9:00 am till 4:30 pm. The price in July 2011 was 82 cuc/adult, 49 cuc/child.

Jeep Safari - Leaving the hotel , there is a bus ride for 1 hour to reach the main land  to retieve a Suzuki Vitara or similar. Don't forget to bring your license if you want to drive. Each jeep has 4 people, so they will match you up if you are not 4 in your group or without a license. The excursion starts with a  drive on paved road to a chicken farm for a rooster fight (no killing), and visit some animals like flamingos, a croc, iguanas, chickens, ducks, and peacocks. Then proceed  to a farm to see pigs and milk a cow.  After this, the driving is on a dirt road for at least 1 hour. Gets very dusty! On this road the driving is slower, with children running out of their houses to wave. Stopping is possible, but not for too long, or you will loose the group. A stop for lunch is at the Rancho Querete . The lunch is a typical Cuban lunch with amazing pork, sweet patatos, cucumber, rice with black beans, fruit and coffee. At this place you will have the chance to swim in a river with a small waterfall (bring water shoes). Locals may  also be there. There will also be  time for a horseback ride.  You will take the paved road back to return the jeep. Don't forget to bring the suncream. Beautiful landscapes. Clean country side. This excursion starts at 8:30 am till 6 pm. The prices in July 2008 were 70 cuc/adult, 53 cuc/child.

Dolphin Show - Leaving the hotel, there is a bus ride to Cienfuegos. Interactive swimming with the dolphins in an installation of the Caribbean coast. You will have about 20 minutes to play and touch these amazing animals. There will also be a sea lion and dolphin show to demonstrat their intelligence and skills. Lunch is offered. There will also be time to visit the commercial center of the Cienfuegos, a city with wide streets and a mixture of architectural styles. This excursion starts at 6:30 am till 6:30 pm. Costs in July 2008 were 115 cuc/adult, 87 cuc/child.