Barbados  is truly the gem of the Caribbean Sea upon its shores one can find the perfect blend of fresh ocean breezes, pristine beaches, tropical foliage, fine dining, romantic settings , rich culture,  soothing rhythms, colorful entertainment,  fascinating history,  friendly people and unique crafts.  It is the type of place one can build memories that last a lifetime. A place families gather year after year to spend time together away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Whether it is a day at the beach playing in the sand and surf or a day of adventure swimming with friendly sea turtles. You can create memories that your family will treasure for a life time.

Creating  fun-filled days for you and your family is not hard to do; there is a vast amount of options for one to choose from.

You can spend your days sailing along on a catamaran cruise with SilverMoon, Tiami, Cool Runnings or Heatwave, basking in the sun swimming with the turtles. ,Take a dive with the Atlantis submarine, fly high in the sky with Horizon Helicopters' private exclusive tours. Explore the island with Glory Tours, Island Tours, or Teds Tours.... have an adventure with Adventureland or a  Barbadian Saffari with Island Saffari..... Windsurfing, Kitesurfing, diving, hiking and scenic tours with Eco Adventures, snorkeling.... whatever you desire. After all Barbados is the Island where dreams become a reality.


Silver Moon 

Cool Runnings



Eco Adventures Barbados

Horizon Helicopters

Glory Tours

Teds Tour

Adventure Land

Island Safari

The above links will take you to their respective websites and you'll be able to learn more. It's an exciting experience.

Chantours is a renowned tour operator that can organise some trips for you to other island but it may be longer than a day.  Barbados's location and connections to other islands, makes Barbados the ideal connection point for day tours and other trips to the lovely Caribbean islands. The Caribbean offers a diverse range of islands and activities; from swimming with dolphins to exploring underground caves, relaxing under a waterfall or bird watching, spending a day at the races, or exploring old plantation homes.