As a visitor, you wouldn’t have to flag down a taxi. The drivers always stop and ask if you need a ride somewhere. Taxis for the most part are economical. Their fares are in proportion to rising fuel prices on the island. For taxi fares from the airport, see this link:

For taxi fares from other points around the island: 

It isn’t advisable to take a taxi any and everywhere. If you can take the bus, do so. If you need a specific type of taxi, for example a BMW, Lexus, Mercedes or Rolls Royce, that can be arranged.

Hired cars can be of great value if you don’t wish to have a taxi take you any and everywhere. Don't let Barbados' small size fool you. There are more than 900 miles of winding roadways and highways. So while it may be easy to navigate your way around, there are loads of ways to get lost.  Mini moke and car rentals are the most popular and you will find the price IS the price-no extra hidden fees. There are more than 60 vehicle rental agencies and many of them offer pick up and delivery, 24 hour emergency service and airport drop-off.  Several rental companies also offer van rentals for the larger groups or bigger families. The average van holds six to nine people and they are comfortable, relatively roomy and some even have AC.  Bicycles and motorcycle rentals are also available, but be very careful if you decide to 'bike it'. Many bike and motorcycle rentals do not include insurance and if you are not used to biking on narrow, shoulder less roads, you might do better to either rent a vehicle, 'catch bus', or walk.  You need your driver's license to obtain a temporary visitor's permit, which most rental agencies can issue on the spot. The fee is US$5 and you must have a local license to drive or motorbike here.

As they say, there are loads of ways to get lost! The paper tourist maps don't show much detail, and there aren't many road signs. The best way of finding your way around is to use "John Mann's BajanNav - the gps map of Barbados", which is a proper sat nav map which runs on the Garmin, Android and Windows and includes plenty of Points of Interest. For a small charge, all the larger car rental firms will rent you a Garmin with BajanNav, but pre-book or you may find they are all in use. Alternatively, take your own Garmin or Android and download BajanNav from - it's free for Garmin, and there is a small charge for the Android and Windows versions.

  Popular and highly recommended Car Rental companies include:

Barbados Island Delivery -

Stoutes Car Rental -

Courtesy Rent-A-Car -

Drive-A-Matic -

Coconut Car Rentals -

Top Car Rentals -

Direct Car Rentals -

M.A.H Car Rentals - MAHrentals.cfm

Triple A's Transport & Courier Services --

If you prefer to rent a luxury vehicle such as a Lexus or Mercedes take a look at Executive Car Rentals. They also carry lines such as Suzuki and Toyota. -

Electric Car Rentals -  Electric Car Rentals offers Hybrid vehicles and free gas!

Mix and compare and see who comes out cheapest with the vehicle and conditions you prefer. 

Taxi Driver List

This is a listing of taxi services used by regular travellers to Barbados, you can find who made the recommendations and more insightful comments by going to the following link . This list will be periodically up dated. 

1.       Winston's Taxi Service (Christchurch) Cell: 246-230 1966 Knowledgeable, reliable and reasonably priced. Nice guy! (used January - February '11)

2.       Nigel. 246 249 4477 South coast based but will go anywhere.

3.       Curtis, smallish van, clean people carrier ,very nice, chatty, helpful guy and highly recommended for Island tours as well as day to day use 232-9658

4.       William, large van, clean van, very personable, jolly chap who also has a brother in the business if he can't accommodate you.  823-0526

5.       Harold,  large van clean van, very shy and quiet, but totally reliable just don't expect a chat on your trip ! 232-0202 All these drivers  (3,4,5)have newish, well looked after vehicles. They are all based near to Holetown .

6.       Sanjay Kini, taxicabby on Trip Advisor , or call him on 246-262-1296.

7.       Andrew at 230-4573 was excellent. When Andrew was unavailable unavailable we were referred to Natasha at 249-9507 and Rawl at 242-4896. All area code 246, of course. Fitts Village area.

8.       Johnson's Tours, reliable & experienced taxi service is available at. They can be contacted at 1 (246) 434-8430. Used them just recently in December, 2011.

9.       Roger 830-4970, or ask for him in the Sunset Crest Convenience Store. A very pleasant guy.

10.   Chris Adams - (246) 231-3566 - think he will take anything from 2 to 12 people - new, very clean, large van - have used him often - pleasant, reliable, safe driver. Usually works on west coast - so covers Speightstown, Mullins, Holetown, Paynes Bay, Fitts Village, Bridgetown and everything in between - will also schedule airport runs. We have always called, but email on his card is

11.   Perry Haynes tel (246) 266-3336 or email  Used Perry to do client pickups from the airport and trust him to provide excellent and prompt service. He has a 7 seater vehicle which is clean and well maintained, which is his primary vehicle. He also has a large, modern, Honda sedan that will take up to 4 passengers, which he used to take us to The Cliff restaurant.  Used him several times and always on time.  Very friendly, knowledgeable and funny guy with a great attitude and he always has a smile.  Mainly based on the west coast, Holetown, but also does airport pick-ups and drop-offs and tours of the island.

12.   Roger Walcott (Tel : 1-246-8333466 or 1-246-2505105) A great taxi guy on the West Coast, used on the last 3 visits. He has a 10 seater vehicle that is new and very comfortable with A/C. He does Airport  pick-ups, Tours, and also works late night.

13.   Thoroughly recommend Rodney Rock Taxi service and you can call him on 263 5387. He is a lovely friendly guy and very reliable.

14.   Definitely recommend Apple Taxi. He can be reached at 239-0637 or email at

15.  If you need reliable and friendly transportation on the South Coast use Dayne Babb (246)266-7391/ (246)235-7391. Email: The name of his company is The Beauty of Barbados Tours and Travel.

16. Andrew - 246 239 0786. Works and lives around Maxwell and the Gap, he will of course go anywhere. An extremely polite and courteous driver. He can also be reached by email at He gives a great tour. Used him recently. Great service and amazing tour!  Highly recommended.

17. Keisha's Taxi Services. Lady Driven Transport At Its Best. For all your transportation needs 1-(246) 247-7627 or email (

18. Triple A's Transport & Courier Services 1-246-827-2134 (Alex)  He's a affordable and reliable 24hr car rental and transport service. Found him and booked or

19. Andy's Taxi Service, 1-246-2303135 or 1-246-8275012. Clean, Reliable Transportation at affordable prices. All your transportation around Beautiful  Barbados. Island Tours, Airport/Seaport Transfers, Weddings, Dinner/Lunch/Shopping.  You can also email

 20. Reefz Luxo Airport & Seaport Transfers, Tours & Car Rentals .  Mullins Bay, St. Peter : EMAIL    /   Telephone 1-(246)-821-5802   or     1- (246)-231-5029