Buses are Warwick and Bermuda's main means of public transportation. The pink and blue buses will take you all over the island, the service is efficient, frequent, and cheap. The buses travel along the island that has been divided into 14 zones and tickets are sold for travel between 3 zones or between 4 to 14 zones. Fares for adults are from U$3 (for a 3-zone ticket) to U$4 (for A 14-zone ticket). There are monthly passes available for U$ 55 and all zones four-day passes for U$35. Kids and students pay discounted fares, U$2 kids ( and U$17.50 for all zones four day passes) and U$ 7.50 for the pack ot tickets.  

Buses run from 7:00 am to 11:0 pm, but the time and frequences are different per route. For information about routes, schedules abd stops, you can stop online at http://www.bermudabuses.com or on site at the central terminal located at Washington Street in Hamilton.

Locals use buses as their main means of transportation and that is something that you should keep in mind being polite with passengers (many will greet you a good morning or a good afternoon) and the driver and taking care of your attire as no swimsuits or wet clothing is allowed inside the bus.