Bermuda has an excellent public transportation system--buses and ferries. The system is relatively convenient, reliable, well maintained, clean, usually air conditioned and relatively inexpensive (with the purchase of a one-day or multi-day TRANSPORTATION PASS). The buses and/or ferries will take visitors to--or near to--almost anywhere visitors may want to go in Bermuda. Buses and ferries also make wonderful '..raised platforms..' to see the many beauties of Bermuda--from either landward or seaward perscpectives--as you go. The only minor '..flaws..' in Bermuda's excellent public transportation system are those inherent in any public transportation system--buses and ferries travel along pre-determined routes and on pre-determined schedules and...service on some routes is either curtailed or stops running in the later evening and on Saturday & Sunday and Holidays. Always double-check the schedules. The ferry schedule is seasonal - the summer schedule operates from mid April to early November and the wniter schedule from November to mid April.

Passengers boarding public buses and ferries must have either a valid  TRANSPORTATION PASS, TICKET, TOKEN or EXACT CHANGE in COINS ONLY (Bermudian or U.S. denominations). NO BILLS are accepted.

For most visitors/tourists, the one-day or multi-day  TRANSPORTATION PASS  usually works out as the best means of accessing Bermuda's excellent public transportation system. The TRANSPORTATION PASS provides simple, convenient '..hop-on/hop-off..' access to ALL public buses and ferries in Bermuda. (the Transportation pass is NOT valid for '..private..' jitney bus / mini-bus shuttle services).

An economic alternative to the TRANSPORTATION PASS for groups might be to '..share..' booklets of fifteen(15) individual TICKETS, available for sale in booklets of three(3) contiguous transportation 'zone' booklets of fourteen(14) contiguous transportation 'zone' (island-wide) TICKETS. These may also be used on the ferries - the three zone TICKETS are for the Pink ferry route and the 14 zone TICKETS for Green, Blue and Orange ferry routes.

The TRANSPORTATION PASS, TOKENS and TICKETS are available for sale at--

--MAIN BUS TERMINAL--Hamilton--Washington St. (btwn: Church & Victoria to City Hall)

--MAIN FERRY TERMINAL--Hamilton--Front Street (credit cards NOT accepted)

--DOCKYARD VISITORS INFORMATION CENTRE inside the '..gazebo, located near the landward-end of the King's/Heritage Wharf cruise ship pier & dry dock ramp and at the cruise ship piers while vessels are in port.

The TRANSPORTATION PASS and TICKETS are **usually** (not limited) at most branch offices of the Bermuda POST OFFICES situated conveniently all over Bermuda--

BERMUDA POST OFFICE Locations--(for Transportation Pass purchase)--

-PEROT POST OFFICE-Queen Street, Hamilton

-MAIN POST OFFICE-Parliament Street, Hamilton 

--CRAWL HILL--42 Radnor Road (near: North Shore Rd.)  Hamilton Parish (not '')

--FLATTS--65 Middle Road (near: Clarendon Rd., Smith's Parish

--DEVONSHIRE--2 Orange Valley Road (at: Middle Rd), Devonshire Parish

--HARRINGTON SOUND--19 Harrington Sound Road (near: White Crescent Hill) Hamilton Parish (not 'city')

--PAGET--108 Middle Road (near: South Road 'Y'..traffic light) Paget Parish

--MANGROVE BAY--3 Somerset Road (at: Beacon Hill Rd--Somerset Police Barracks) Sandys Parish

--SOMERSET BRIDGE--1 Middle Road (near: Somerset Bridge) Sandys Parish

--SOUTHAMPTON--2 Church Road (at: Middle Road), Southampton Parish

--SAINT GEORGE'S--11 Water Street (on: Custons Square...across from Robinson's drug store) downtown Saint George's

--SAINT DAVID'S--103 Saint David's Road (nr: Clarke's Hill Rd.) Saint David's Island, Hamilton Parish

--WARWICK--70 Middle Road (at: Saint Mary's Rds & Kyber Pass) Warwick Parish

 In addition to the TRANSPORTATION PASS, you may also purchase booklets of BUS/FERRY TICKETS and individual Bus and Ferry TOKENS. Individual Bus and Ferry TOKENS are interchangeable for either mode of transport. (see: Bus and Ferry web sites listed below for prices and details)

The TRANSPORTATION PASSES. TICKETS and TOKENS  are **NOT AVAILABLE** for sale aboard public buses or ferries.

The TRANSPORTATION PASSES, TICKETS and TOKENS are **NOT AVAILABLE** for sale at the Bermuda airport, to arriving air passengers.

LUGGAGE is NOT allowed aboard public buses at the airport.

The buses are not wheel chair accessible. The GREEN and BLUE Ferry Routes are wheel chair accessible. The PINK and ORANGE Routes are not.

Passengers may roll-aboard motor scooters aboard most runs of the BLUE and GREEN Route public ferries (extra fare for motor scooter required..Ferry Token required..NO cash). NO motorscooters are allowed aboard any PINK or ORANGE Route public ferries.

Bermuda is a relatively tiny place (approx. 21 sq. mi. of landmass), so figuring out the public bus and ferry system is NOT difficult (in a place this small it ain't '..rocket science..') All you need to figure out the system and how to make your way about Bermuda by using the system is a pocket-sized  BUS & FERRY SCHEDULE brochure and a cleverly designed, pocket-sized BERMUDA-Handy Reference Map. BUS & FERRY SCHEDULES and BERMUDA-Handy Reference Maps are readily available at ferry terminals, VISITORS  INFORMATION CENTRES...and very often at local Post Office branches and hotel front desks. Downtown Hamilton is the nexus for Bermuda's public transportation system. All public bus and ferry routes begin or end at HAMILTON (#6-Saint George's-Saint David's excepted) Bus stops are identified by stone shelters or simply BLUE or PINK bus stop POLES along the side of the road.  BLUE poles at  bus stops indicate that the bus is heading AWAY from downtown Hamilton. PINK poles at bus stops indicates that the bus is heading TOWARD downtown Hamilton.

BERMUDA--Handy Reference Map--for orientation, layout, relative locations, etc--(widely

BERMUDA BUS INFORMATION--Routes, Schedules, Fares, Average Travel Times, etc--

BERMUDA FERRY INFORMATION--Routes, Schedules, Fares, Average Travel Times, etc--(web site loads slowly)--