Having been to Bermuda enough times to know that you really can't see it all in a day, so hopefully the title of this article didn't mislead you. However, if you do only have one free day, or perhaps you want to spend your first day on "high level" exploration so you know what you really want to see more of throughout your trip, the challenge goes out to anyone to come up with a better itinerary!

 The first suggestion is to rent a scooter. It's actually less expensive than taking a taxi everywhere I'm going to suggest, and allows you to cover the most ground in a short amount of time. That said, if you have no experience on two wheels, I will be writing a public transportation version of this article for you a little later!

 There are actually a few companies that rent scooters on the island, but an island favorite is Oleander Cycles. One reason is that they have multiple locations for you to pick up and drop off, and even exchange scooters if you find yours isn't running perfectly (which I've never had happen, but it's nice to know). They also have just joined a travel concierge service called Ahh Bermuda on the West end of the island that will get you access to some of their network benefits automatically (things like dining discounts and access to a private beach).  The daily rate is about $65 , and if you're traveling as a couple,  just rent one and take advantage of a good squeeze all day long. It's the "Deluxe" model that has room for a passenger.

PLEASE, before you take to the streets, spend some time reminding yourself that Bermuda drivers follow the UK driving directions. Some would say they drive on the "wrong side of the road", but on your vacation, the wrong side is the right side. It's awkward for the first little while, but you really have to remind yourself to look right to see if a car is coming in the near lane. Trust this, you'll look left naturally. PLEASE look both ways, but especially pay attention to the "opposite" direction from normal.

 So the itinerary will have two parts.  First, if you rent at the Oleander locatoin right by the cruise terminals. The second will be if you rent in Hamilton or elsewhere in that vicinity.  The recommendation is to rent for 24 hours and pick the scooter up the night before so you can get on the road early, with the rental all taken care of. 

6:00 AM Sunrise Ride: OK, if you aren't a morning person, you can skip this, but I really wish you wouldn't!

 Save for later...gotta run, but  will finish this!