The public transportation system in Antigua is made up of privately owned buses. These buses range from 15 seater buses to larger vehicles. All buses start from St. John's from either the East Bus Station, near the Antigua Recreation Grounds or the West Bus Station by Market Place. Although majority of the island is covered, not all bus routes have consistent service and only a few service the major hotels on island. Bus fares range from US$1 - 2 one way. There are no buses as such on Barbuda 

If using the bus system, bear in mind that it's designed for the needs of residents - who primarily need to get from the villages to town and back, mostly during daylight hours, so many tourist destinations will not be covered.

One of the most useful, and popular routes, though, is the #22, which travels from the West Bus Station (at Market Place) down along the west coast via Jolly Harbour to the village of Old Road, and takes in the lovely west coast chain of beaches - a great cheap alternative for getting down to these, especially for those staying in the resorts from Jolly Beach and south.