Anguilla is a relatively small (40 square miles) island that is not as mountainous as many of its other Caribbean neighbors.   Because of this, there are numerous options for getting around the area that would not be feasible on the other islands.

             It’s a fact that the slower one travels, the more they will notice.  If taking in as much of the area’s landscape is on the agenda, consider renting a mountain bike or moped.  The cost for renting a bicycle is around $10 per day, and slightly higher for a moped.  Note that many motor vehicle accidents occur on the island.  Make sure to always pay attention and wear a helmet. 

            Another option for exploring the island is renting a motor bike.  Motor bikes are more powerful than mopeds, but still easy to control and fun to ride.  Gas is available in most towns around the island.

            If traveling with a family, a car rental may be the best option for extensive exploring.  Vans, jeeps and cars are available on the island, but if you are coming in from the Marigot ferry, make your arrangements in advance - you may need to take a taxi to the airport to get your car for the day.   Check out Car Rentals for companies working out of Anguilla.  A valid drivers license is requires along with an island permit that costs $20 USD (available at the rental agencies).  Note that driving is done on the left hand side of the road.

            Taxis are the other form of transportation on the island.  For more information visit Island Taxis .   A 2 hour tour of the island costs $55U.S. (Feb, 2012) and as this island is British, the drivers speak fluent English.