A loop hike with an elevation gain 2.200ft, 7 mile round trip, the only known hike of it's like on the east coast, the last mile to the summit is  over and down vehicle sized boulders, rock crevasses, a natural stone staircase carved by water, several  "duck-thru's"  and  a lot of hand and foot work, no climbing gear necessary. 

Old Rag Mountain sits alone, but near the base of the Blue Ridge chain.  On the back side of this hike, you will wind down a well maintained, but graded path, a nice picnic shelter built by the CCC (Civilian Concervation Corpe) to a fire road, flanked on the left side by a creek, a couple of foot bridge crossing then exit on level surface to the parking area.  Rated as moderate to moderatley intense, 5 hrs R/T. (no pets allowed on this hike)