Casa del Inca Garcilaso 


Calle Capitán Alonso de Varcas, 3 E 

Tel: 957-652-462


The Inca writer Garcilaso de la Vega lived in this house between 1561 and 1591 and wrote some of his literary works here, such as La Florida and Los Comentarios Reales. The house interior shows the civil architecture of that time and is furnished with period furniture, some original and other imitations. Garcilaso de la Vega was born in Cusco, Peru, on April 12, 1539. His father was Captain Sebastian Garcilaso de la Vega, a descendant of the Marques de Santillana, Jorge Manrique. His mother was the Inca Princess Chimpu Ocllo, daughter of Huayna Capac, a chieftain of the Inca Empire. When Garcilaso’s father died, Garcilaso went to Montilla in 1561 to look for his uncle, Captain Alonso de Vargas. The Captain makes him stay with him in his home and introduces him to the cultural and intellectual circles of the city. That is when Garcilaso starts his writing. The house was built in the 16th century and has two floors with a library, office, bodega, central patio and a façade made of stone with a very sober look, and there is a balcony too. The Conde de la Cortina owned the building and donated it to the city. The building has been restored and shows the history of Montilla. The tourist office is located in the building.