History of Iznajar

Iznajar is a small town of 5000 that sits a top of a huge rock beside the Iznajar Reservoir, which is the largest lake in Andalusia. The town is located in the Province of Cordoba and is the most southern town of Cordoba, near the border of Malaga Province. The town is also beside the Genil River and is called the Mirador del Genil because it has spectacular viewpoints of the river and lake. The main source of livelihood for its residents is the cultivation of olives. Tourism is increasing because of the beautiful views of the town and the lake. The town is also near the entrance to the Sierra Subeticas Natural Park and close to the town of Rute. The lake is 32 km long with 100 km of shoreline and contains about 900 million cubic meters of water. The lake is the third largest in Spain and is called the Lake of Andalusia. The reservoir was started in the 1960’s and finished in 1969. The lake is a wonderful place to look at birds and to do fishing.    

The town was founded by the Moors in the 8th century and they built a castle on top of the hill and called it “Hisn Ashar”, from which one gets the name of Iznajar. The town later belonged to Abderraman III. When the Caliphate of Cordoba fell, the town was ruled by the Kingdom of Granada. In 1431 the town fell to the troops of the Christian King Juan II. In 1468 Diego Fernandez de Cordoba, the Count of Cabra, was given the title of Viscount of Iznajar, getting to rule the town.