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Any GOOD reports on Boca Chica? :)

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Any GOOD reports on Boca Chica? :)

Has anyone out there had any good experiences with Boca Chica?

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Sosua, Dominican...
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for Puerto Plata, Sosua, Dominican Republic
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1. Re: Any GOOD reports on Boca Chica? :)

Noticet the lack of responses.

If you are coming on a "chica" hunt you will have a good time otherwise????


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2. Re: Any GOOD reports on Boca Chica? :)

I was trying to think of something positive to say but couldn;t - it does depend on your priorities and interests.

New Jersey
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3. Re: Any GOOD reports on Boca Chica? :)

Hi.. I live in the US and travel to DR on a monthly basis. My boyfriend lives in DR as well as friends and family. I'll post anopinion of Boca Chica based on my experiences.... Boca Chica is considered more of a local beach. The water is warm, blue and calm. There are jet ski rentals, banana boats and paddle boats. If you're not staying on a resort where vendors are not allowed, the vendors can be a pain. The vendors tend to harass you.. ignore them and they will leave you alone. Watch out for places where you rent chairs or tables. They charge per chair, table and food. They love to overcharge. Ask for prices UPFRONT and negotiate. If you are not eating/drinking, the chair "chelon" should cost about $200-300 pesos/$5-$7USD. If you are ordering food, should be no charge. If you feel you are being taken advantage of, there are beach police. They do not tolerate that. Everything in DR comes with a price though.. the beach police may ask you for "un regalito" "algo pa beber or comer" ("a gift" or a "something so i can drink or eat"). Don't give them more than $50 to $100 pesos (1.50 to 2.50USD). There are restaurants and shopping areas. Again, get prices UPFRONT. DO HAGGLE when shopping. There are some bars and lounges in the area but I never really go to them so I can't give you suggestions. If you hire a driver for the night, go to Zona Colonial where there are bars and restaurants (about 30 min drive) and driver should charge about $25 to $50 for the night. The Zona Colonial is very pretty and tends to cater to Americans/Europeans. You can also go to la Avenida Venezuela in Santo Domingo (same distance) and there are about 4-5 blocks of bars and clubs. More local people but more of the "city crowd." its safe and if you just have fun and relax you will enjoy yourself. In Boca Chica there tends to be alot of American and European perverts with prostitutes roaming around. Its not a beautiful and relaxed area as Punta Cana, Samana or Puerto Plata. Like I said more locals and Americans/Europeans who travel often, want to stay close to airport and are familiar with the area. If you have super high expectations or want more of a "paradise" head to an all inclusive resort in Punta Cana, Samana, La Romana or Puerto Plata. or rent a beach front condo in Juan Dolio. If you are a down to earth traveler, adventerous, like to mix with locals, are open to eating local food (delicious) and aren't afraid of everything ... you will have a fun and have a great time. TIP: if you make friends with a local who works at the resort, they can suggest great places to go, offer drivers or even accompany you out. You're always safer and will have more fun when accompanied by locals. Hope this helps!!

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4. Re: Any GOOD reports on Boca Chica? :)

We go to the Hamaca every year and have a great time. I travel with my wife and in-laws, both 82. Have never had a problem in the town, although we don't venture off of the resort at night. I think that the locals are great, very friendly. If you have any specific questions please email me.

Beverly Hills...
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5. Re: Any GOOD reports on Boca Chica? :)

I enjoy boca chica. A lot of the restaurants will rip you off with extra taxes and chair rentals you should never pay for. Just go eat at el puerco rosado and you get a free chair all day. They also don't charge this crazy tax other places do.

During the day it's a great beach. At night, all you see is old gringos with very young Dominican women.

I prefer boca chica during the day and santo Domingo for the evening\night life.

Brockville, Canada
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6. Re: Any GOOD reports on Boca Chica? :)

just was reading your review on boca chica.i am an old gringo that has a beautiful dominican girlfriend.some day you will be old too.when i was your age i didnt have time to visit places like the dominican republic.i will never trade my girl in for an american one. i have been there and done that.check out american divorce rates and the price of lawyers.good luck on marriage .some gringos are pigs i admit but a lot are real gentlemen who want to spend time with a decent looking girl at this stage in their life.i play hockey 4 times a week in winter and slalom waterski all summer so i dont act old. i have a fast boat and have had a sports car for 43 years.i spend 3 months a year down there and have built my friend a house and 3 apts.how many young gringos have done that.the whole problem is that guys have been burned by american women and a dominican one is a great alternative but you need to find one that speaks english.these girls would not be there but they have been burned by their dominican men.they have kids to support without any help.the filthy rich in santo domingo dont care about them.they would like the girls to work for peanuts while the rich just get richer.i live with the natives so i know the shacks some live in while downtown santo domingo there are red ferrari convertibles for sale.america is heading the same way.just look at detroit and other cities that are dying.your companies are getting rich on cheap chinese labour.bottom line is that the world is a mess.my priority is to help my daughter survive and to help the best girl in the dominican have a better life.i will be walking the beach with her in 2 weeks.she keeps me going.hope you dont mind me sending this.its seems like yesterday when i was driving in santa monica going to a dodger game .that was 1976.time flys.make good use of it.see you on the beach in boca chica.

Beverly Hills...
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7. Re: Any GOOD reports on Boca Chica? :)


Nice post. Didn't mean to offend the "older" gringos in boca chica; just stating what I see of the boca chica nightlife. (I'd also take a Dominican girl over an American one too).

Was just saying that as a young guy I prefer the nightlife in Santo Domingo but the beach/day life in Boca Chica. I'm there frequently as well; I'm sure I've seen you around ;)

Brockville, Canada
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8. Re: Any GOOD reports on Boca Chica? :)

i prefer sosua but boca chica is closer to santo domingo .i usually visit both.my home is in santo domingo

Brockville, Canada
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9. Re: Any GOOD reports on Boca Chica? :)

your report on boca chica and the dominican republic was good but your view of prostitutes and old perverted men was not kind.there are many reasons why its like this.those girls are just trying to support their kids because the men dont help.it happens in the usa also.as for the old men they are sick of ex wives and divorce lawyers ripping them off.i spend 3 months a year there living with the natives so i know the real story.the rich people are keeping these people in poverty in the dominican and the rest of the world.people cant help it if they are born poor.i have more respect for them than i do for the wealthy people i have met.just trying to give the other side of the story.

New Hampshire
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10. Re: Any GOOD reports on Boca Chica? :)

You just describe what a sugar daddy is. These girls need gringos like you to have a better life. Do you think they would be with you if you did not have any money?



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