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Realistic drive times to Landmannalaugar?

Austin, Texas
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Realistic drive times to Landmannalaugar?

Hi, I've rented a 4x4 Hyundai Tuscon the second half of July and we'll be doing a day trip to Landmannalaugar. We want to drive in from Hella on F225, passing Hekla. How long does that realistically take (2 hours, like lonelyplanet forum says)? I know that if the river crossings are at all dicey, we will go around on 26 and take F228 instead. Also, depending on our schedule, we might want to drive F208 out to Hrifunes. Is that realistically doable in a Tuscon, and if so, about how long? Again, I know we need to take great care with the rivers, double-check conditions, and always be ready to fall back on not crossing any rivers, parking on the F228 north side and taking the footbridge.

Also, how much time should we budget actually at the park sightseeing?

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1. Re: Realistic drive times to Landmannalaugar?

Hi Fullsterkur, I think maybe you got one road number a little wrong. The road from the north (the one without river crossings) is 208.

I was in Landmannalaugar a few years ago with a Tuscon, but we did not drive the 225, we took the 208 from the north side. We did go through the river just outside the Landmannlaugar camp with the Tuscon, that was not a problem then, but I would not have done anything deeper than that.

The Tuscon is an excellent car for the Icelandic gravel roads in my opinion, but it is not very big and does not have the same ground clearance as the bigger SUVs, so its river-crossing capabilities are limited.

Last year I drove the 225, but in a bigger car. We did however meet some cars of about the same size as the Tuscon, such as the Suzuki Grand Vitara, and they did not seem to have any issues. But I would say that maybe one river crossing could potentially be a little borderline with a small/medium SUV like the Tuscon, depending on water level in the river.

I can not remember how much time we used on the 225 from the intersection of the 26 and to Landmannalaugar, but I think it was less than 2 hours even with some stops. It is about 45 kilometers. Some stretches of road were actually quite good, but some places you have to slow down a lot. And much of the road is narrow, so you have to slow down or even stop and give way when you meet other cars, especially larger vehicles.

The route south from Landmannalaugar on 208 is longer, about 70-75 kilometers all the way to the ring road. From what I understand, the Tuscon may possibly not be the right car for this, as some river crossings are a little deeper here. But I have never driven this route so we will have to wait for some input from the local experts on this.

Austin, Texas
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2. Re: Realistic drive times to Landmannalaugar?

Leave it to me to do something absurd like trying to describe directions from memory for a place I've never even been. Thank you! My head's so crammed full of details right now I'm amazed I know my own name!

Maybe we'll luck out and they'll have to upgrade us to a Cherokee. Or maybe I should just relearn to drive a stick. Just nobody has one here for me to learn on!

Austin, Texas
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3. Re: Realistic drive times to Landmannalaugar?

Do y'all think I ought to just upgrade to the Jeep Grand Cherokee to give us more confidence with the river crossing? They're running some sort of special for 19900 ISK/day right now. It'd add about $600 total to our rental.

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