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Private health-care scam

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Milton Keynes...
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Private health-care scam

My 19 year old son save up hard all year to afford a holiday in Kavos in Greece. On the first night out he went outside from the club he'd been in with friends as he suffers from nosebleeds. He'd had a few drinks but wasn't drunk. He was approached by an ambulance crew who bamboozled him into getting into their ambulance. They then took him under protest to local hospital for treatment. He woke up the next day in hospital and when he produced his EHIC medical card he was told it was a private hospital and to expect a bill of around 1000 euros.

Her managed to get out after giving his name and hotel details, they also copied his bank debit card (which I've now cancelled.)

They now keep hassling him at his hotel, when a lady from the clinic came calling she had a copy of his passport. How the hell she got that I don't know as it should have been in the hotel safe. He's now got it with him.

We have travel insurance but its doubtful they'll pay as its not emergency treatment. He's now been told that unless he pays a £200 excess to the hospital he will get stopped from flying at the airport when he leaves on Saturday 8/9/12. They've been asking for his flight details but he hasn't given them.

I've told him DO NOT pay the excess, my question is this - CAN THEY STOP HIM FLYING AT DEPARTURES?

Boston, United...
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21. Re: Private health-care scam

Update: I yesterday received a 2nd email asking for forms to be sent back to the Kavos clinic, as i haven't done anything yet. I think our bill is around 800 euro's too, and although we were insured we would have to pay an excess of £150 (which my daughter certainly doesnt have).

I wish the clinics would make it clear beforehand though, as we presumed having an E111 treatment would be covered for. Also we were out there being filmed by Channel 4 for a documentary and it was one of the cameramen who almost forced us to go to the clinic - wasn't until after we realised the film crew were based at the clinic and seems they 'help' find patients in exchange for getting some good filming in return. Maybe we should ask Channel 4 to help pay, especially as we spent lots and lots of hours doing filming and interviews, photoshoots, etc for them all week for free??

Glad ur son is ok Ian....please let us know what happens with ur situation and what u decide to do!

Milton Keynes...
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22. Re: Private health-care scam

Thanks for all the advice and good wishes, we trying to get the insurers to pay and we'll have to pay the excess. I'll let you know how I get on.

Folkestone, United...
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23. Re: Private health-care scam


I'm travelling to Kavos on the 8th July, for one week. just two girls, but my boyfriend along with 9 of his mates are also travelling the same dates in the same hotel as us. I'm a very clumsy drunk & so is he, so I'm just a bit cautious of what I am reading.. From what I have watched on What Happens in Kavos & Sun sex & suspicious parents there seems to be one clinic that everyone goes to that charges very little? Am I correct in thinking this.. I just dont want to be stuck in the situation that we have to rake out a fortune just because we twisted our ankle or bumped our heads if you get me!

Thanks :)

west mids
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24. Re: Private health-care scam

take travel insurance out but it will be worthless if your are drunk private clinics charge and i think im right in saying your e111 is virtually worthless at a private clinic in my experience my travel insurance has been checked by the clinic then once my insurance agreed to pay i was treated just left to pay the excess on my return to england

Wool Dorset
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25. Re: Private health-care scam

Having just watched the Channel 4 programme What Happens in Kavos,

I have little sympathy, most of the injuries are self inflicted and done whilst under the influence of alcohol.

You should be charged for treatment, if we did it in the UK it might assist the cash strapped NHS.

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26. Re: Private health-care scam

programmes like What Happens in Kavos, Benidorm ER, etc are deliberately edited to show the very worst of what people get up to, but that said, any insurance policy will state as part of the cover that the individual must take reasonable care to protect themselves and others (who might be affected by their behaviour) so getting out of control drunk will prejudice any claim you might make. And who can honestly say they enjoy being unconscious from booze! Just be sensible - you'll get a LOT more out of your holiday !

Edited: 11:25 am, January 23, 2013
Folkestone, United...
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27. Re: Private health-care scam

It's not so much me but for the people I'm travelling with. However, the whole market for kavos is teenagers getting drunk on a holiday away with their mates.. Obviously accidents are going to happen, not always of their own accord? I'm just curious if its going to cost us a bomb for any medical help even if it's just for a minor injury.

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28. Re: Private health-care scam

Teenagers getting drunk, on holiday, is what the rip off merchants rely on

I have never been to Kavos, but it may be that there are more than one clinic, in the town. I understand your concern about what may happen, so why not check the situation when you arrive, find out which is the clinic you should go to, should you need it., maybe your travel rep or apartment owner could advise?

The case, on this thread, was that an ambulance appeared and the youngster, not knowing the procedure, excepted their services, not realising that he would be presented with a huge bill. It would seem this is a common occurence in Kavos, so just be aware of this practice and let your friends know

Sale, United Kingdom
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for Crete
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29. Re: Private health-care scam

There seem to be a number of clinics, who go round looking (touting) for potential clients. Personally I think it's a disgusting practice. From what I've seen (on various TV programmes, not first hand) there is no public medical service in Kavos - which is not unusual for a Greek resort.

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30. Re: Private health-care scam

Watching the last episode of 'What Happens in Kavos' last night,the clinic most people seem to go to whilst there is called 'Kavos Emergencies'.I've never visited Kavos myself as we always stay at the other end of the island,so don't know where it's located or if indeed there are other clinics in resort.

What was said in the episode last night is that this is a private medical clinic and a visit there for any medical matter cost 70 euros a time and if you need X-Rays etc.,will cost alot more.If the injury/illness is severe and the clinic hasn't got the resources to help,you'll be sent to hospital in Corfu Town,which again will add even more money to the final bill.

Whether you pay up front,then claim money back on your insurance or don't pay at all and let your insurance company deal with it all,the programme didn't state.Just make sure you do have insurance cover (the amount of people who go on hols without it still astounds me) and as sum posters above state,if ur injury is caused by being drunk,your insurance company prob wont pay out and you could be left with paying a very hefty bill out of your own pocket.

I've had 2 experiences in clinics/hospital in Corfu (not alcohol related BTW!!)and I was shocked how much the final bills were.One was almost 4000 euros.....(mind u,I was in hospital for 5 days),but luckily we had insurance and it was all covered by them.People get ill on holiday all the time unfortunately,but getting injured thru to much alcohol cud cost a fair bit and ruin ur holiday.......

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