Itinerary and general advice

I posted this in the argentina forum as well, but the questions are a bit different for the Chilean part of my trip. Thought it would be better if I posted the full itinerary here also. I fly to Buenos Aires from Sydney on Monday the 6th and have a little plan but a few questions and things that I haven't yet had time to look into and am hoping for some advice.

Jan 6 - arrive BA and go to hotel. Probably the Manual Tienda service and then a taxi to hostel in Palermo.

Jan 7 - 12 - Buenos Aires. Probably a day trip or short overnight to Colonia de Sacremento. Sunday markets and wandering the various neighborhoods. Tango, good food and I'm looking for a short "tourist" lesson to brush up on my spanglish.

Jan 13 - fly to El Calafate. Arrive at 11 and plan to take a bus to El Chalten the same day. Booked my hostel already for two nights.

Jan 14 - El Chalten - looking for a 4-6 hour walk/hike to do in the area. Suggestions?

Jan 15, 16, 17 - El Calafate. Perito Moreno glacier one day. Looking for other options for a hike on one of the days.

Jan 18 - bus to Puerto Natales.

Jan 19, 20 and maybe 21 - day hikes in Torres del Paine. This bit I haven't looked into yet but is it possible to stay in the park if you're not doing a trek? I only have time for day hikes and instead of the 2-hour bus into the park, wondered if there may be a place to stay nearby - hostel or refugio? and if they are all booked out what's the best and earliest way to get into the park?

Jan 21 - to Punta Arenas. Possibly visit penguin colony. Or stay another day in PN and the park but that leads to issues with the rest of the plan.

Jan 22 - I'd like to take the ferry to Puerto Williams, and find that it only runs on Wednesdays. I've contacted the ferry for more information but haven't heard back yet. This is the Transbordador austral broom. Apparently Victory cruises doesn't do this anymore.

Jan 23 - ferry.

Jan 24 - Arrive Puerto Williams

Jan 25 - PW

Jan 26 - ferry PW to Ushuaia

Jan 27 - 28 - 29 - Ushuaia


- advice for day hikes in TDP would be appreciated. Also what type of clothing for January in the area? I've got thermal underwear and a couple of layers but nothing for long winter exposure as I've spent the last few months traveling in really warm climates.

- difficult question but is the ferry between Punta Arenas and Puerto wiliams "worth it"? If I skip this I'm not sure how to get to PW except from Ushuaia and it gives me another day in Torres del Paine. Another option is a day less in El Calafate for another day in TDP. Just a bit concerned about accommodation in the area, and bus availability.

- I need to be in Ushuaia on January 28 at the very latest, so that's the only constraint. Don't know if its worth the risk on the ferries not running or being timely.

Thanks a lot for any suggestions!