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Hi, I've never been to a resort outside of canada. How do I tip (canadian or u.s $$) and how much for who is okay?? thanks

Calgary, Canada
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1. Re: tipping

Take CDN$ nothing else other than your CDN CC NOT affiliated with a US bank. Change your CDN to CUC(Cuban Convertable Pesos) tourist money at the airport or resort. Use the search engine and type in tipping and you'll get a mitt full of posts on the subject. Hope this helps.


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2. Re: tipping

tip with CUC Canadian dollars only paper money coins its a no no they stay stuck with them as for US why bring it to Cuba they will charge you an extra 10% if you have U.S dollars so keep to Canadian money .

Consett, United...
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3. Re: tipping

;) What never stops amazing me on this forum is the amount of people who ask what money to use. This is just a little rant, I would never think of going to any country and think using English money is excepted. Hey I even try to get Scottish notes when up there. JMHO

Newton Aycliffe...
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4. Re: tipping

I totally agree with you Diva. I think though the problem is that a lot of first timers to Cuba (I hate the word ''newbie') have no idea what the actual currency of Cuba is.

Also if they are relatively new to the forum, either don't notice, or are reluctant to use the 'search' box.

Consett, United...
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5. Re: tipping

I know that they may not know, but surely it being another country that in its self says different currency. I know that a few country's around the world do use the same currency, but in deciding to visit that place, It dictates a modicum of research, do not just assume its your currency.

england uk
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6. Re: tipping


not everyone is educated in what currency to take where in the world,

this site enables people to ask questions and others to respond in a helpful manner

if u eva need an answer to a question u dont know your self i would hope someone answers you with the correct information and not in the tone ur answers are

Consett, United...
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7. Re: tipping

Yes I know, all I am saying is it is a bit ignorant to assume that your home currency is automatically used some where else. Do not assume that my tone is detrimental to any one, I was ranting on this subject just like you are now.

n-e england
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8. Re: tipping


this is what is fantastic about this site, people who are going for the first time to cuba can rely upon information from people who have visited this country. the first time we went we spent a fortune on tours ect now we go with the locals to vist diffrent places around cuba, we know the yes and no to do how to tip,what to take. ive had loads of private messages from new travelers from the input ive put into this site and cubamaniacs site. and the thanks i get on there return make it all worth while. even from people who have been before ask diffrent questions like about trusted taxi drivers, staff to ask for the best service, the list goes on IF YOU DO NOT ASK YOU DO NOT GET regards

Hants, UK
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9. Re: tipping

Diva - sorry, but staff in some places I've been to actually prefer to be tipped in a foreign currency (if their own is very weak etc), so I think it was a good question and certainly one I was planning on asking before my first visit (hopefully next year!). I appreciate the helpful answers too, so thanks guys.

Consett, United...
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10. Re: tipping

What you are not getting is all I said was it is ignorant for anyone to assume that their currency Is the one to use. I understand what you are saying about asking questions, if you don't know ask.