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reviews of 'Dreams'

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reviews of 'Dreams'

As I am going to Dreams in August I do keep an eye on the reviews, on the hour every hour! I have always used tripadvisor for every holiday I take and so this one is no exception, I always use the 'pinch of salt' rule with reviews as everyone has their own views/taste and never comment on another persons view. However the 'just fake' review made me smile.

If I have read it properly the person was put into the preferred accomodation (they don't seem to have paid the extra for it), they were initially using the preferred pool and preferred bar, but then stopped - they complained to the manager who gave them a piece of paper that allowed them access.

So if I get this right they are complaining about getting an upgrade for free????

Hmm tis truly a mad world!

For any airline/hotel reading this I would be happy to accept any free upgrade you have to offer!


Saskatoon, Canada
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for La Romana, Bayahibe
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1. Re: reviews of 'Dreams'

JW, I agree...tis truly a mad world!

As most do not and clearly this reviewer did not, I know a lot about the hotel and what is offered, what can be expected and what may or may not happen. I take this review as a bit of a boon actually!

You would not believe how many people send me PMs and e-mails asking me about the room selection, where they might be assigned based on what they purchased, whether they can ask for a renovated room and if they can pay for a different room once on-site. The review confirms that though you paid for an entry level standard room, you may still be assigned one of the lovely new rooms in the Preferred Club area. While you may have a room in that location with pillow top bed and fancy TV, you may not have access to the extras outside of your room like the Preferred Club pool and their bar. I suppose if the taunting of the bar is too much and you'd rather be somewhere else and not even know what the people who paid for that privilege have, then they really should have requested a move. I certainly wouldn't have, but I don't live my life with a feeling of entitlement. Indeed the reviewer was not aware of the advantage they received by having a room in that area and instead chose to be disgruntled by it.

The sarcasm and exaggeration in the review speaks to the fact that they definitely felt that they were deserving of something that they weren't receiving. They were upset that a bartender didn't recognize them and they were upset that they had to carry a piece of paper around to show that though they hadn't paid for it, they were being granted the privilege of access to an area to which they weren't entitled. To clarify, the hotel staff can easily confirm that you are a PC guest by checking your room number against a master list. A black PC card is not a bad idea though...where there are no wristbands at the hotel, I'm okay with carrying a black card along with my room key if it will ensure that I get the amenities that I paid extra for.

The paragraph that reads: "it was clear to me that I was in a place where I did not deserve to be and somebody did me the favor of tolerating me for once but I should be aware. That is the worst feeling you want to have during a vacation and in life in general." is exactly as it likely was, but the reviewer is making herself out as a victim instead of realizing the truth that she did not belong there and were being told that. It may be a bad feeling, but we don't have access to all parts of a hotel and that's the truth of it! Do they have access to the airline business class washroom or meals or lounge if they didn't pay for it and do they feel rejected when they're told "you can't be here"?

They didn't acknowledge that the bartender showed good customer service by allowing them drinks at an area to which they weren't entitled for a short time before he advised them that they didn't really have access. Would they have preferred that he had bounced them on their first approach to the bar? Would that have been more or less embarrassing for them?

FWIW, I read about blocked drains regularly in the reviews for many hotels. People bring a lot of sand into their rooms and they fill the drains very quickly. On the one hand, the hotels could schedule weekly clearing of the drains or they could be left for a bit. When I've had a slow running drain, I've been a bit inconvenienced at the time, but I instantly forget about it so I don't report it and it's left from the next guest. I hear that a lot too! When you encounter a slow drain, do report it to the hotel. They can add it to a list.

I don't understand how it was that person after person told the reviewer that she wasn't a Preferred Club guest and the guest didn't ask "what's Preferred Club?" If you are told something and no clarifying question is posed, there is the expectation that the person knows and understands what's being asked. I'm thinking that it's a great thing that Rene was the one on duty since his skills are excellent and he can handle a problem like others can't.

Droves of people also ask me if the Preferred Club is worth it. My answer is that if you can afford it, do it. If you can't don't even think about it since I've had years of excellent vacations at this hotel without the exclusivity of a private pool/bar/club house. The reviewer suggests that in order to have a "good holiday experience", the PC black card is required. Untrue.

Like you say JW, this traveler felt that they had to fight to have a good vacation because of their misfortune of being assigned a room in one of the preferred areas of the hotel. If that makes a bad vacation, I don't know what to think.

I don't usually respond on this kind of thing. I'm not a hotel employee and can't address many of the issues but a couple of people have asked me about the room placement question so I'm replying here to gain access to many. I also feel people are entitled to their opinion. If they didn't like the food that's their bad luck and I don't agree, but that's the way it goes. The comments in this review are tending away from opinion for me and are verging on telling untruths and that's what I'd like to clarify. It used to be that hotel management could reply to reviews but it looks like it's been disabled. That makes it unfair because then the reviewer can say whatever they want with no place for rebuttal or explanation in that area. It looks like so far people are not finding the review to be of any useful purpose but it may be placing the seed of doubt in the minds of some. I hope that if that's the case, future travelers will turn to the forum to find out all that they need to know about the hotel. There's a TON of unbiased info here for the interested!


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2. Re: reviews of 'Dreams'

I agree, it would be unfair to the people who have paid for the extra privileges if anyone else could benefit from it 'for free'. I also take these reviews with a very big pinch of salt. From the majority of reviews and people who know the hotel, it would appear to be an excellent place at very good value at present. The rest is what you make of your holiday, we have always received excellent service anywhere in the Caribbean. What a lot of people forget is that you will be treated the way you treat others. Respect the staff, smile & be friendly, and you will get a whole lot in return.

Bowen Island, Canada
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3. Re: reviews of 'Dreams'

Kaki speaks with the voice of the experienced guest at Dreams La Romana, having visited this property and the surrounding area so many times in the past few years.

Martine also voices truth. Treat others as you would be treated.

We have been at this hotel for the past 2 weeks and have (fortunately) 2 more ahead of us. We paid for the Preferred Club and we are enjoying the little extras it has provided us. The room key for preferred club is black, for the rest of the hotel it is white. Bartenders at the preferred club bar will ask to see your room key until they get to know and recognize you.

Several guests have approached the bar who have not paid for the Preferred Club. For the most part, the bartenders have allowed one drink but have stressed that really they are not supposed to do this - it is a courtesy to the guest - and they do explain that this particular bar is for the Preferred Club guests only. Most take it fairly decently, but some guests have abused the staff shamefully.

Some folk think they should get something for nothing - always - and that because they have chosen to visit this hotel, they may treat other guests and staff alike just as they please. We have seen many rude and inconsiderate guests, and we feel sorry for them. They have reduced the potential for a great holiday by their attitude.

One particular guest was very rude to one of the beach bartenders. My hubby witnessed this individual on more than one occasion being incredibly rude. Not being the type to keep quiet for long, one time he approached the bar when this particular guest was shouting the odds and acting up. Hubby gave a cheery "hola, cervesa por favor" to the bartender. Instantly with a huge smile a frosty beer was in front of him. "Mr Rude" was gaping open-mouthed, and hubby slid the beer to him with a smile and said "that's all it takes, try being nice instead of nasty" - and he walked away. No wonder I love this man!!

I will do a full review on the hotel when I return home at the end of April. What I will say here and now is that the staff are wonderful, the location is beautiful and the food is mouth-watering. The rooms are spacious, the beds are very comfortable and we have been extremely well treated by the staff.

Your holiday - here or anywhere else - will be what you make it. Great or lousy memories - it's all down to you.


London, United...
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4. Re: reviews of 'Dreams'

You are spot on Storm your holiday is what YOU make it....It really is that simple!!!

I have read many reviews of hotels that i have been to and sometimes its like they are talking about a different hotel all together.

Its a shame that everywhere you go on holiday you are likely to come across a negative, rude person, or someone who takes a trip without a open mind!!!....But hey just think if they find things to moan about on holiday, just imagine what they are like when they are NOT in Paradise!!!!!?????


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5. Re: reviews of 'Dreams'

Hi to you all!

I wholeheartily agree with all your comments!!!

It certainly sounds like Storm has a Great hubby.

Jean x

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6. Re: reviews of 'Dreams'

Ok..I have to respond to this one...My hubby and I were at the resort when all of this was going on. We actually complained to managment, along with other "paying" preferred guests. Why should people such as us, who paid good money, sit and watch non-paying, non-preferred guests get the same things we paid extra for? To the perosn who who wrote the review, WHY DID YOU ACT LIKE YOU DID NOT SPEAK ENGLISH WHEN THE BARTENDER TRIED TO EXPLAIN??? It would seem by your review that not only do you speak english, but you are able to write it as well?? It was not the Bartenders fault, he was just trying to be nice. Please do not let that review scare you. We are very well traveled and LOVED this resort.

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7. Re: reviews of 'Dreams'

Hmm...although I agree with all the comments you people have made, I was just keen to ensure this thread didn't get too personal to the person who wrote the review hey everyone is entitled to their opinion! (However misguided).

I started this thread as I just was rather amused that the complaint was about getting a free upgrade and being treated like a second class citizen having been so upgraded! (However rudeness can never be justified!)

I just wanted to re-iterate that I personally would be a little more greatful were I to be upgraded for free by anyone!


New Jersey
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8. Re: reviews of 'Dreams'

I have been using TripAdvisor for every trip I have taken since I have discovered this website. What I have realized after all these years is that people will complain about anything and everything. It saddens me that people can be incredibly rude to others and not realize their unkindness is the reason why this world is sometimes hateful.

With that said, I have posted my review. I had an amazing time and cannot wait to come back! The service was beyond wonderful and the food was simply delicious. Dreams exceeded my expectations and I am truly happy I picked this hotel.

Preston, United...
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9. Re: reviews of 'Dreams'

I have just (an hour ago!!) landed back home after 2 fabulous weeks at Dreams La Romana and would just like to reiterate what all the SENSIBLE people above have said.

We actually became friends with Storm and her hubby whilst there and she is exactly right with what she says. (Hi Storm & the other half - thanks for all the fun we had - be in touch soon!!)

What an absolutely amazing holiday we have just had. We really didn't want to leave and are already making plans to go back.

If anybody is reading this and trying to decide whether or not to go - DO IT!!! We have no complaints whatsoever - it was the best 2 weeks holiday we have had for a long time, this place really is exceptional!

I will post a full review as soon as I have had some sleep and caught up with the washing lol!!!

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions..

Paula x

London, United...
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10. Re: reviews of 'Dreams'


So glad you had a great trip!

Will look out for your review!