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Biking to Daniels on Middle Caicos

New York City
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Biking to Daniels on Middle Caicos

We went to Daniel's today on Middle Caicos from the Ferry Dock on North Caicos. The round trip is about 50 miles. Beware that this is not a trip for recreational bikers. I would regard myself as a moderate serious biker (25-50 miles). This is a workout ride not a touring ride. Most of the road is very well paved, but as you approach the causeway, there are many sports where the road is washed away, including the causeway itself. The unpaved rocky sections of road are not suitable for a road bike (you will have to walk and carry). Its a headache. In addition, most of the ride is through thick vegetation that blocks any view of the beach. Just put your head down and hit it. There are few cars. There are limited services, so be prepared and bring all of your own stuff (we did). We stopped for lunch as My Dees. It was a nice road house type atmosphere and lunch. The staff was very friendly and helpful. In fact, North and Middle Caicos is probably what Provo was 20 years ago. Very laid back and still largely undeveloped. Of course, that has its downsides. We went down to the Beach at Pelican Beach and we were the only ones on the beach. The hotel had a sign stating that you should feel free to use their lounge chairs on the beach but to just put them back. We enjoyed a refreshing dip. Its not for everyone, but we are glad we did it once.

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1. Re: Biking to Daniels on Middle Caicos

I'm in awe that you biked all the way to Daniel'c Cafe! WOW!, especially since I know what the causeway is like!

Glad you enjoyed North/Middle! You didn't mention Mudjin Harbor......I hope you went there, it's breathtaking!

Toronto, Canada
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2. Re: Biking to Daniels on Middle Caicos

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yikes you are good cyclists!!!!!!

We biked last week from Turtle Cove to the Leeward Ferry Dock (all paved and flat so no probs) then after the 12:30 ferry sailing we biked from the North Ferry docks to Whitby (not flat) and had lunch at Silver Palm. We were using the recreational bikes at our villa that had heavy children's seats that held our snorkel gear and backpacks so it was not an easy peddle to say the least...we were pretty tired when we took the last ferry back at 5:30pm.

I think on our ride out to Whitby we saw 2 cars but on the way home we saw many more. On the trip out we kind of wondered if we were even on the right road since there was hardly anything to see along the 2 roads to the ocean. The ocean was beautiful once we got there.

You guys did twice the distance we did........wow! That must have been quite a ride!

Next time we go we will allow a whole day, rent a car and drive to Middle Caicos and spend more time sight-seeing than peddling hahaha!

Glad you had a good trip.

I agree it is not a cycle trip for recreational cyclist like us!

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3. Re: Biking to Daniels on Middle Caicos

I'm impressed! That is one heck of a bike ride. Glad you enjoyed North and Middle.

Marietta, Georgia
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4. Re: Biking to Daniels on Middle Caicos

This brings up a question for those knowledgeable about the ferry. I know that it is not an auto ferry, but how about bikes?? Can you carry a bike onto the ferry for use on the other side?

Toronto, Canada
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5. Re: Biking to Daniels on Middle Caicos

They help you lift your bikes up to the roof of the ferry and somehow don't ask how they don't fly off even with the big waves the boat goes through. Our bikes stayed on the roof rack no probs! They charged us $10 per bike on top of the $40 return fare.

Mullica Hill, NJ
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6. Re: Biking to Daniels on Middle Caicos

That is unbelievable! We rode bikes from the ferry site (before their was a ferry and before there was a ferry site to the Whitby Beach/Pumpkin Bluff area many years ago. That wasn't bad, hot and an unpaved road adventure but fun. I can't even imagine riding a bike all he way to Daniels. That is a haul.

Very impressed, you have super powers!

Middle Caicos
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7. Re: Biking to Daniels on Middle Caicos

Quite an impressive ride - add onto that if there are 20-30 mph winds, and you are riding into the wind, it can be like swimming against the tide.

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8. Re: Biking to Daniels on Middle Caicos

Does anyone know how far (miles) it is from Sandy Point North Caicos Marina to Big Josh's? I read the new dining spot near the causeway is owned by the former owners of Bottle Creek Lodge. Are they the couple that ran the lodge 5 years ago with the charter fishing boats, I recall they had young children and throught they were from Virginia.

Mullica Hill, New...
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9. Re: Biking to Daniels on Middle Caicos

I am guessing it is about 5 or 6 miles to Big Josh's.

Last Chance is owned by the guy that has Gibb's Boats,which is right next door.

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10. Re: Biking to Daniels on Middle Caicos

Hi- my husband and i are heading to turks and caicos on march 14 and are interested in doing this ride. We are staying in providenciales, and don't know much about turks and caicos-- any advice?

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