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Bug bites in Puerto Rico January 2011

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Bug bites in Puerto Rico January 2011

Just got back from a trip to Puerto Rico. This is the first time that I have gotten bitten unmercifully. Some may be mosquito bites but most aren't. They are tiny and don't itch like mosquito bites. I have over a hundred, on legs, arms, hands & head/neck. We did stay in a beach area, this time, as opposed to our usual San Juan stay with relaltives. We stayed in Guanica/San Jacinto. Anyone experienced this lately. Don't consider bed bugs because husband di not have likewise experience or am I just more suceptible?

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1. Re: Bug bites in Puerto Rico January 2011

I've gotten my legs bit up real good by what is commonly called sand fleas. lots of little bumps. Beach at night. Also gotten hit by jelly fish gotten lots of little bumps (stings) on one side of my Body, but that made me sick.

San Juan
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2. Re: Bug bites in Puerto Rico January 2011

it is a tiny fly much smaller than a mosquito (you can't see it) and it is called Mime or Maje in spanish, in english i have no idea.

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3. Re: Bug bites in Puerto Rico January 2011

That sounds like sand fleas. I usually get bitten all over, but not my husband . I guess I am just sweeter. A little Bendryl gel helps. It goes away in a few day's

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4. Re: Bug bites in Puerto Rico January 2011

Many times tourists think these are bug beds as the sand flea (mimes) bites don't appear immediately after you are bit and the fleas you can't see them, but for us locals that are familiar to these know that they are sand fleas. Keep the door closed of your room in the evening, and if you are outside in teh evening wear repelent.

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Atlanta, Georgia
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5. Re: Bug bites in Puerto Rico January 2011

I just got back from small town near El Yunque rainforest. My family is covered with bites that sound like yours. We are concerned they may be bed bugs. Our faces, hands, arms, and legs have numerous red bites that are swollen, but not very itchy. They don't seem like mosquito bites. Have you learned anything else about yours?

Los Angeles...
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6. Re: Bug bites in Puerto Rico January 2011

I stayed in luquillo...near playa azul and came home with a bunch of little bites that started appearing the night we arrived in puerto rico. I spent time walking on the beach as the sun set, and then later that night. I'm now home, and I found new bites are appearing on my shoulder, now one on my lower back, and still a few on my legs. I'm freaking out that these are bed bugs because they itch, some are isolated, but some are in rows. I have been inspecting my bed like crazy and all the areas around and haven't found anything even remotely looking like a bed bug. These bites keep appearing....are they sand fleas. Could I have brought these home with me or is this bed bugs??

El Yunque National...
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7. Re: Bug bites in Puerto Rico January 2011

mrschaef- I have no idea what is causing your bug bites, but it isn't sand fleas any more (since they live in the sand, not houses).

Of course, there is always the possibility it is bedbugs. While they are not a big problem in PR, there is always the chance you picked them up. It could have been on a plane, in an airport, any place in between, or the place you stayed.

If it were me, I would have an exterminator come check the house ASAP.

San Juan
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8. Re: Bug bites in Puerto Rico January 2011

No-see-ums attack early evening and morning... not a good idea to walk on the beach at night either... The tiny red mark will appear next day and it will itch a little. Some hydrocortisone cream or benadryll lotion will take care of the itch.

Should wash your feet & sandals before getting into your room, to avoid bringing them in....

Puerto Rico
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for San Juan
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9. Re: Bug bites in Puerto Rico January 2011

My kids bring those sandfleas with them on their beach bags and surf boards. They stay in my front and back yard for weeks. I usually spray the area to get rid of them.

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10. Re: Bug bites in Puerto Rico January 2011

Got a reaction to a bite on head or neck, not even sure if it was a bite. just the left side of my head. Went in stages,. first pain, like someone pulled your hair on top, and just pain on back, and side of head. After a couple of days, got welts, swollen on top of head, and side, than lump just at the bottom of hair line, and just above the ridge at bottom of head, one sore spot that you could hardly touch.. Couple more days went by, as we were on a 11 day cruise from san juan, the welts turned into little red bumps, and scabbed over. Anyone have this reaction to anything in san juan, puerto rico. It is 16 days later, and the bump as gone, but the top area of head on one side only, has scabbed over, and still there. mystery! I know I got it in san juan, as this reaction started the day we got on the cruise ship.

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