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Debt crisis

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Debt crisis

Due to the economic problems in Geeece as a whole I wonder how this has and will affect tourism on the Greek Islands, in particular Rhodes. As a regular visitor to the island I am reluctant to book for 2012 as I fear some businnesses may not survive, and that the resorts will be too quiet.

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1. Re: Debt crisis


I can kinda understand yr uncertainty. However, do u really think that thriving Rhodes resorts will become ghost towns overnight due to the economic difficulties Greece and her islands is facing?

I personally believe that all Greece/Greece island lovers n regulars should, more than ever, support the economy by booking our usual holidays there. I for one have had years of enjoyment/friendship in Rhodes with locals, especially in the years of the Drachma n the early Euro years when tourists 'had it good'. This is not the time to abandon our favourite destinations, especially if they are still affordable.

Only my opinion.


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2. Re: Debt crisis

The time is perfect because is much cheaper everything in greece due to economy crisis.Maybe if the economy go well next years to don't be so affordable greece.Personally we booked in kefalonia this summer 20% cheaper than last year.

Derby, UK
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3. Re: Debt crisis

"I am reluctant to book for 2012 as I fear some businesses may not survive" To be fair if we all thought along those lines those businesses wouldn't survive.

Each to their own but I love Lindos, Greece and my friends far too much to let the current situation to put me off booking. I've already booked three trips regardless of any economic situation. Should tax increases, etc affect my spending power then I'd have to rethink my holiday lifestyle but it wouldn't change my choice of destination.

Faliraki, Greece
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4. Re: Debt crisis

Deby Crisis What Debt Crisis

We see no signs of it here on Rhodes

Just in our village of Kalithies , a number of newly built shops have opened this winter. New Apartments & villas are being built

Apartments & villas are going up all over the island

We have been to a number of tavernas on the island in the winter & prices have remained the same

Some Prices in the large supmarkets have come down !!!

The only thing to affect us so far is the rise in the price of petrol

On Sunday we paid 1.77 a litre

What ever the crisis, it will not affect tourists on the whole

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5. Re: Debt crisis

As someone who has enjoyed holidays in Rhodes for around 16 years, I almost feel it my duty to continue to support its economy in my small way. There is no surer way for things to go badly wrong than for people to stop going.

Rhodes Town, Greece
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6. Re: Debt crisis

1st off there is no way things will be cheaper, no point lying to you, we are the most expensive country to live in outside of Scandinavia in Europe now, fact. I've travelled Europe this winter and nowhere were supermarkets etc dearer.

In terms of quietness in resorts, not a problem. Bookings for some companies (Thomas Cook) may have lowered by 30% for Rhodes but some are up. I can tell you now that certain companies are 200% up on last year from UK alone for April. So resorts will be fine, busier than ever, we will have more tourists in the island again this year.

There are less signs of the crisis in Rhodes than elsewhere, mainly down to it being the main tourist port of Greece, however there are signs - empty shops in town, increased prices around the island, some supermarkets have offers, yes, to gain custom, but in general prices have increased.

You will not be adversely affected in any way, don't worry about protests or the such like, they are happening in Rhodes now, and quite rightly a some people are having to queue for food, so people are venting their frustrations now.

Rhodes, Greece
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7. Re: Debt crisis

for once i have to agree with tpebop, rhodes at the moment is showing no signs of suffering from the crisis. building is going on throughout the island, this is because the greeks are putting their money into property instead of leaving it in the banks, very sensible i think!

prices here apart from diesel have not increased by very much, in fact most of the bars, tavernas and restaurants are keeping their prices down to last years prices.

so dont worry, come here and have a fab time, what was happening on the mainland did not happen here, and you wont regret coming here for your holiday

Rhodes Town, Greece
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8. Re: Debt crisis

I actually wonder how many people on here speak to any Greeks. The crisis will not affect tourists in any way that is a fact, well not directly, but it is affecting people on the island.

Wages are down between 10-20% for the upcoming season, large hotels are increasing their recruitment of foreign tourism/hospitality students which will add to a record high unemployment for the summer, offices are taking on less staff and expecting staff to work longer hours again not things tourists will notice but they have an affect on our Island. Unemployment paid through the winter has been cut by over 100e per month with one months notice, and there are queues for food vouchers for people who can't afford to put food on their own table, so to say the crisis has no effect here is actually an insult to the majority being affected. A walk around town, and you see the closed shops, for the first time it is no starting to hit the Rhodians which is why there have been protests at the two most recent events on the island. This doesn't mean that Rhodes still isn't an amazing place to holiday, far from it, but it is just starting here.

I know two hotels which have interviewed staff and informed them they will not receive salary until the end of next season (2013) but people have no choice to take any work they can find so the job offers are accepted. I know hotels which haven't paid their staff from last summer as yet, and not one coach driver from THE major European tour operator received a penny for last years work....ignorance is bliss.

Rhodes, Greece
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9. Re: Debt crisis

Posts like that are EXACTLY the thing that will lead to bookings being down.

Fed up with answering these posts now, it's like some bad song on endless repeat, so many people fail to see that wondering if anyone will go to Greece will mean nobody goes to Greece.

It's not Syria FFS

Athens, Greece
Destination Expert
for Peloponnese, Stoupa, Finikounda, Petalidi, Athens
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10. Re: Debt crisis

Have to agree with you HB, it's the phrases like this that don't make any sense:

"I am reluctant to book for 2012 as I fear some businnesses may not survive"

If you (& others) think like that then that is a sure way that the businesses won't survive! How are many of them supposed to if people don't come?? Staying away will just make things a whole lot worse!

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