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Brisbane, Australia
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Hi everyone

I have a few lil questions i need advice on and if anyone has ony othere lil tips to help that would be great too. Im going to shangri la fiji resort n spa in a couple of months with 2 young children.

1. i need to know if i need to buy a bum bag to keep all my valuables ie wallet passports etc and how safe are the in room safes ive been hearing about?

2.do i need to bring my own toothpaste?

3. with the free wifi internet...do i get charged on my mobile usage or does the hotel when i connect via my iphone 4? im new to the phone so im still learning.


Brisbane, Australia
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1. Re: questions

You don't need a bum bag as you won't need to carry your wallet around with you. Everything can be credited to your room and paid when you check out. They actually prefer this. The safes in your room are completely safe for your passports and documents.

You will need to take your own toothpaste.

The internet at the Shangri La is not WIFI. You will need a laptop and cable to connect. It is free.

Nola :)

Reno, Nv
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for Matangi Island, Fiji
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2. Re: questions


You may find the following link helpful. Has suggestions of what to take with you when vacationing in Fiji.


Brisbane, Australia
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3. Re: questions


Sweet! thanks for all that...

any other tips please let me know :)

brisbane australia
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4. Re: questions

Hi olives

We were at the shangri la in may for 12 nights. My husband took his iphone which couldnt make calls but could send and recieve text messages. On our arrival home we recieved a phone bill for nearly $500 for data usage as the applications on the iphone were being constantly updated every couple of minutes. With our normal bill only being $50 it was quite a shock. Please check with your phone company befor you go. Next holiday we are going phoneless. Much cheaper. Tracie

Brisbane, Australia
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5. Re: questions

Like Nola said to access the internet in your room you'll need a laptop. The hotel will supply you with a cable to go from the wall to the computer :)

You won't need the bumbag, we left our laptop on the desk and other valuables in the safe. The only time you will need cash at the resort will be if you visit the shell market that is within the resort, they only take cash.

The hotels do have toothbrushes and tiny tubes of toohpaste in the bathroom so you will definately need to byo toothpaste :)

Kids club is a hive of activity! My children are 10, 7 and 4 and adore their time there. If your children are 3 or under they will require a babysitter - approximately $24FJD for the first 3 hours and then $7FJD for every hour after (up to 3 children per sitter).

On your way to the resort you may want to ask your shuttle/cab driver to stop and pick up a few things like water - that can be $$$ at the resort.

Only 23 more sleeps until we are there!!! Enjoy your stay <3 <3

Kel <3

Moreton Island...
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6. Re: questions

Hello Olives,

I never take my iphone on overseas holidays, as mine is set up to receive both work and private emails. On holiday I take my old Nokia and buy A$40 credit with Telstra. All phone calls you receive and make to home when overseas are charged to your account on global roaming.

I have also bought a sim card in Fiji with Digicel, much cheaper to call and text via this. The phone you take can't be locked into one carrier in Australia to change to a Fiji Digicel though, it needs to be unlocked.

I only take my iphone on business related trips, as the account can be very very high, as Humphreysmum unfortunately found out the hard way.

Wow Kel won't be long now and you will be on your way, sure you and your family will have the best ever stay. Time seems to have gone so quickly, bet your children are excited too.

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7. Re: questions

Bring your own toothpaste is a must, imo. You dont say how old your kids are, but I, we did bring snacks for ours from home. Pack them in your check in luggage and declare them on your way in. You shouldnt have any problems if they are not opened items. As for the phone, leave it at home.

If you need to call home, call quickly and get them to call you back. We have a phone deal with our provider and its heaps cheaper if they are calling from the home phone. (last time we were there our daughter could call us, we just gave her our room number)You may be able to get access to internet there, it may cost so much for so many minutes access, but you could then at least send an email. Most of all, relax, and have a great holiday. IMO the Shangri la is a great holiday desitnation.


Brisbane, Australia
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8. Re: questions

If you do need to use the internet the Shangri La has computers that guests can use for free for up to 15mins a day. Handy if you need to send emails or check you bank account.

Nola :)

Melbourne, Australia
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9. Re: questions

If you use the hotel computers, make sure you clear your internet history before logging off. This prevents other users being able to access your internet information, especially banking, passwords etc.

Brisbane, Australia
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10. Re: questions

wow humpreysmum!!! Im definately leaving my iphone at home now. Might jus bring the husbands nokia. I dont a laptop either. Might jus get in touch with the family thru internet..much cheaper. Toothpaste YES i like to have my own anyway so thanks for that. Is the resort like a hotel? cos we've only ever stayed at apartments down the coast so I bring EVERYTHING with me :) My 2 girls will be 18months and 3 and a half when we go. This is our first holiday overseas and my first time on a plane!!! Not too scared about the plane..its more the bringing of enough stuff for us. So with the snack thing....couldnt i jus put them in the big luggage bag? I dont want to be carrying so much junk with me on board hehe I have to hold a nappy/baby bag with me as on board luggage and in that I have heaps of stuff already haha. Oh and Im bringing my stroller...what do u think??

Thanks to all for answering my questions!! This has been soooo helpful. When you ask ppl or even the airline they dont really tell you in specifics so this is great!!!!