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What do I need to know about going in June

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What do I need to know about going in June

Hi all. I'm working on my trip report for my Aug/Sept trip but I have to stop to get some info for going again. Yellowstone has us hooked and we decided we would love to see the park in a different part of the year so we were thinking about June. Anyone want to give me an idea of the differences? I would like to try for this June but don't know if we can swing it. I can get free airfare and car rental so the budget depends on the lodging. I want to get this ironed out to the point that I can make lodging reservations before they are all booked

Here's what I'm thinking. We would have to fly into Salt Lake this time and we would do 10 days to 2 weeks. We've seen all the major sights so this trip would focus on revisiting the favorites, doing some hiking (short day hikes) that we didn't have time for, and more time for wildlife viewing. We would also like to do the Beartooth. We would like to do a couple days at GTNP again too.

In the park I was thinking of lodging at Old Faithful, Canyon, and Roosevelt. Can I do the Beartooth from Roosevelt or do I need to plan a night in Red Lodge or elsewhere?

Okay, Pam (or anyone else that is up to the task), go to it. Give me a basic itinerary so I can figure out my lodging.

Thanks - you all are the best!

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1. Re: What do I need to know about going in June

Just some toughts:

Bring warm clothes. The temperature can change rapidly so be prepared.

Cameras are wonderful for capturing the moments. Make sure you have extra chips for them. Don't lose the chips!

Baby animals abound. Watch for them everywhere, especially on the roads. They don't know about traffic yet. If you see a baby by itself, stay away. Momma is close by and will protect the baby to the best of its ability.

Mt. Washburn give you a wonderful view of the park if the snow has melted enough to get there.

Englewood, Fl.
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2. Re: What do I need to know about going in June

Depending on when in June you are planning on visiting, early or late, you need to consider the possibility of late winter weather. If early in the month..... the better choice IMHO.....Think in terms of layers that can be added or removed during the day as necessary, and include an outer layer that will keep you dry as well as warm. Also do not forget hats, gloves, and boots.

If it's open while you are there, The Beartooth pass over to Redlodge and back can be done from Roosevelt in one day, although it will be a long day. The first delay that you might encounter could be wildlife activities in Lamar Valley, such as wolves or bears. How long you choose to linger there could determine whether to go all the way over to Red Lodge, or possibly half way with a turn around at Rock Creek Vista.

It really is difficult to advise someone on how long a particular trip would take, since everyone has different expectations, likes and dislikes. That makes it more of a personal choice.

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3. Re: What do I need to know about going in June


There are a couple photos of Washburn in June, as you can see it's completely covered. Also, there are a few photos of a day trip up the Beartooth Highway in July. TONS of snow and very chilly. We left from Rosie and had plenty of time. Not much traffic. I definitely agree with RM-MN to bring warm clothes, Canyon was pretty cold since it's at such a high elevation.

For hikes I would look in the Mammoth area, or lower elevation areas to give you a better chance of being snow-free. Although if they have a mild winter, your options would be better.

As mentioned already, babies will be everywhere. They're so fun to watch and also hopefully the wolves will be out and about in the valleys.

After that trip you can start planning for a winter vacation :) Cover all seasons!

Oh and if you stay at Rosie in a Roughrider, get extra wood chips for your stove, it can get COLD!! :)

N. Idaho
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4. Re: What do I need to know about going in June

OK, really good advice as usual. Would the 10 days include travel days?

Here is an idea for 10 days if we're working with that number AND travel days:

Day 1: Arr. SLC, drive to West Yellowstone. Stop in Idaho Falls for supplies. Overnight in West Yellowstone depending on your time or Old Faithful, but don't push yourselves!

Day 2/3: Old Faithful (Because you all really liked the geysers this time!)

Day 4/5: Roosevelt (with an out and back to Rock Creek Vista on Beartooth)

Day 6: Canyon

Day 7/8: Grand Tetons

Day 9: Sightsee in the AM, then Drive back to SLC

Day 10: Fly home

Or if you have 2 weeks:

Day 1: the same

Day 2/3: Old Faithful

Day 4/5: Canyon

Day 6/7 Roosevelt

Day 8/9: Leave Roosevelt, drive Beartooth to either Rock Creek Vista or Red Lodge for lunch, return to Chief Joseph, turn south and head for Overnight in Cody. See the rodeo if you are interested, tour the 5 museum complex. (www.bbhc.org) Plan for 2 nights in Cody, or 1 night in Cody and night 9 at Lake, but that makes you move around a lot.

Day 10/11/12: Return to the Park, perhaps do a short hike in Yellowstone (maybe Natural Bridge or Storm Point?), head south to Grand Tetons

Day 13: Sightsee half a day and head for SLC

Day 14: Fly home to hot, muggy, buggy Tampa


You can keep your eyes peeled for some Florida winter weight clothing to go on sale. You will need hats, gloves, maybe a long sleeved thermal Tee (I love the waffle henleys from LLBean, they are perfect layered over a tee shirt), polarfleece vest plus an outer rain layer.

Things kind of open up Memorial Day weekend. A lot of areas are closed for bear management until that weekend (Firehole Lake Dr for instance!). From your current report, I am thinking you did not have a chance to do any Ranger-Led programs, so here is the link for this year and maybe you can add some in for next year! The time frame is usually the same both on starting the hikes and the times.


Again, as others have said plan for cold weather and you might be surprised. I've hiked the first week of June in crop pants and short sleeves in the Northern range, but Washburn trails were still buried in feet of snow. Even if the weather is yucky, you would have no problem driving up from SLC. Plus it's the time of year when Idaho is green!

Welcome to the craziness of being a Yellowstone addict! And you thought it was bad before when you were planning Trip #1!!


Nature Coast...
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5. Re: What do I need to know about going in June

Thanks for all the advice. I did it. I pulled the trigger and made Yellowstone reservations. I don't know yet whether it will work out but I needed to make the reservations before everything was booked and with their generous cancellation policy it can't hurt. I made plans based on going June 8-14. I am basically following Pam's plan with a couple of minor adjustments. First and last night will be SLC. I was able to get 2 nights OF, 2 nights Canyon, 2 nights Roosevelt, and 1 night Lake. I'll do 1 night in Cody in between Roosevelt & Lake and 3 nights in Jackson at the end of the trip. Now lets just hope I get to go.

Thankfully we already have quite a bit of cold weather gear from previous vacations to UK, out West, and skiing. So we won't need much in that regard.

I must say no place has ever pulled me back quite like Yellowstone. We've been a lot of places that I've loved and wanted to go back to but there were always new places to go and going someplace new always won out. There are still many places I've never been that I want to go but I have this overwhelming desire to go back to Yellowstone first.

Nature Coast...
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6. Re: What do I need to know about going in June

I am so brain dead! My dates are June 8-21.

Orlando, Florida
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7. Re: What do I need to know about going in June

This is so cool! I am going on almost the exact same trip & time. Jenmarie, your pictures are gorgeous! They sure do feed my need to go to Yellowstone. And Pam, "hot, muggy, buggy" fits us to a tee as well....Orlando...Ugh! In looking at initial plane fares, Idaho Falls sure looks to be a possibility. If it works out I think we could fly into IF and get to OF that same day. Now, getting any kind of winter clothing will sure be a challenge. We own shorts...shorts...and more shorts.

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8. Re: What do I need to know about going in June

I was in the park for 10 days, June 7-17 this year. It got cold at night, down to 22F, but then I was in a tent. It rained & snowed at bit at night.

You'll be in heated lodges or cabins in a warm bed, although you may have to get up in the night to feed the stove at Roosevelt!

I took layers: longjohn top & bottom; hiking pants; shorts; sun shirts; wool sweater; warm socks; waterproof, breathable rain gear; warm jacket; wool hat; gloves; sun hat; running shoes.

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9. Re: What do I need to know about going in June

Mt. Washburn had snow/ice bridges when I climbed it that time of year. It was challenging in spots but well-worth it at the top. My husband watched me climb across the last snow bridge from his computer at home on the webcam!

Nature Coast...
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10. Re: What do I need to know about going in June

Great tips everyone - Thanks a bunch. Can anyone give me an idea of crowds in June vs September?

denalicat - so cool about the webcam! I hope I get to hike Mt Washburn. Did you go up the Dunraven or Chrittendon trail?

FlaSun - I'll see you there ;-) I found a lot of good deals at the Columbia outlet store. Also the first time we were headed to the mountains in the cold we found some good things at the TJMaxx, Marshalls type stores and also at the Goodwill. We didn't want to spend a lot on things we may never use again. Now that we seem to go to the cold weather regularly we have slowly built up our supply of gear.