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Greyhound Station Safe?

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Greyhound Station Safe?

I'll arrive in Cincinnati via Amtrak at 1:30AM and plan on catching a Greyhound bus to Columbus. Since I'll be in the bus station in the middle of the night, is it a safe place or would I be better off waiting at the Amtrak station and taking a 7:30AM bus to Columbus?

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1. Re: Greyhound Station Safe?

It is a fair distance from Amtrak to the Greyhound station so plan on taking a cab. My guess is that the Amtrak station and Union Terminal (the building it is in) will close at some point and you will be obliged to leave. You should also call Greyhound and ask about station hours, facilities, security, etc..



Cincinnati, OH 45202

Telephone Numbers

Main: (513) 352-6012

Baggage: (513) 352-6030

Greyhound Package Express: (513) 352-6030

Customer Service: (513) 352-6012

In a worst case scenario (both stations being closed)

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2. Re: Greyhound Station Safe?

. . . woops, meant to say that in a worst case scenario (both stations being closed) there are some 24 hour restaurants not terribly far away although you would have to take a car to and from. Check back if you have any other questions . . .

Edited: 4:32 pm, January 08, 2012
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3. Re: Greyhound Station Safe?

. . . meant to say cab, not car.

Cincinnati, OH
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4. Re: Greyhound Station Safe?

Of course, cabs usually are cars. ;-)

Cincinnati, Ohio
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5. Re: Greyhound Station Safe?

My recommendation is to stay at the Amtrak station and then take a cab to the Greyhound station before your 7:30 departure. The Greyhound station isn't in the greatest neighborhood and I can't imagine you'd feel very safe there. Union Terminal (Amtrak) won't have anything open in the middle of the night; however, there is security and it should be mostly vacant while you're there.

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6. Re: Greyhound Station Safe?

I don't know if youre going to be able to hang around the Amtrak station all night long waiting for your bus. The greyhound station is open 24 hours but like previously stated, it may not be the best idea.

You may want to try and pre-arrange transportation from the train station as its not very busy and may not have cabs waiting.

If you plan to stay awake overnight, I recommend going to university hospital to wait it out. It is safe, fairly close, and has free wifi.

Cincinnati, Ohio
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7. Re: Greyhound Station Safe?

Hello Greyhound Bus Line!

This is James C. Reliford. I am hearing impairment man. I has been live at Cincinnati for over 1 1/2 years yet and I want to know about Greyhound Bus Line okay! Is Greyhound Bus goes run on road or not or whatever? So Please email back to me soon as possible okay! Thank You!


Cincinnati, OH
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8. Re: Greyhound Station Safe?

James, this is not the Greyhound web site. You'd be best off contacting Greyhound directly.

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9. Re: Greyhound Station Safe?

Where in the city are there 24 hour restaurants close to the train or bus station but for quite questionable for a traveler to sit there overnight?

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10. Re: Greyhound Station Safe?

Go for the train station. The Amtrak waiting room is OPEN ALL NIGHT FOR TRAVELERS.

I've been there recently to pick up a friend.

I've also been to the Greyhound Bus Station many times.

I live in Cincinnati and work in a major museum. I'm a single woman.

> Amtrak's waiting facility is your best choice.

> Open from 11pm to 6:30 am every day except Monday (no trains run).

> The station is inside a major museum center, and is safe.

> There are excellent restrooms, phones, ATM, comfortable seating, security for the entire museum center containing the Amtrak station.....

> Vending Food.

Greyhound is less than 5 miles from Amtrak. Take a cab there in the morning.....that'll work great.

Though Greyhound's so-called waiting area and station is open all night....I've recently been there late at night to see traveling friends off. The staff in general is almost completely unwilling to answer even simple traveler questions....even with ticket purchases. I rate them a minus 2 on my scale....Dismal, uncomfortable, dirty restrooms, people 'acting out;' in ways one cannot interpret, last time I was there, December 2012, a woman was high or drunk, walking around ranting....and NO ONE even approached her to stop (bus drivers, attendants, counter people) nd no place to really feel at ease. It's one big room with little space for everyone's luggage.

Happy Travels!