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We have flown Qantas and Hawaiian to Hawaii before. Because of price we are considering Jetstar this trip, although my husband is not convinced it's a good idea! Can anyone share their experiences of flying with Jetstar to Honolulu. I know about paying extra for food etc. What about seats, leg room, comfort etc.

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11. Re: Jetstar


I have been to Hawaii 8. 5 flying Qantas, 2 flying Hawaiian Airlines and mostly recently in June 2008 for my wedding in Hawaii on Jetstar.

We too found really cheap seats with Jetstar and took up the offer.

I can say nothing but good reports for Jetstar. They even hung up my wedding dress in the Galley so it wouldn’t get creased. The seats were comfortable and we had plenty of leg room.

We prepaid for one digi player as we shared it between the 2 of us. We also ordered the blanket pack and food. The food was good, no complaints. We received 2 meals each way.

Sydney Aust.
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12. Re: Jetstar

We too are using FF points to get there in August, we chose our dates of travel to fit in with available Qantas flights as we have heard bad reports about Jetstar from various people and usually try to stick with Qantas.There seems to be mainly Jetstar and not many Qantas flights on the FF programme, either way I am not too good on long flights and am hoping to sleep through a bit of it. I suppose it doesn't matter which one you fly with in the end as there seems to be good and bad reports about both. Here's hoping for the best!

Brisbane, Australia
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13. Re: Jetstar

We are using our FF points to book on Qantas to Hawaii in March next year. We have the choice of either Jetstar or Qantas for the same amount of points, I was going to book on Qantas as I thought the seats and service would be better and you get food and alcohol included where we would have to pay extra for all of that on Jetstar. After reading posts on here I am now confused with which way to go! I'm dissapointed to hear that on Qantas you do not have individual entertainment screens in the back of the seats. I would love to fly Starclass but to use FF points it's double the economy points which is ridiculous! What would you choose? Also does anyone know much about upgrading to Starclass or Business class on a FF purchased economy ticket?

Melbourne Australia
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14. Re: Jetstar

I flew solo 7-21 August Jetstar using the Qantas points and was wrapt with the service but then I had a spare seat next to me there and back ! Sandwiches were $6 and fine and small soft drinks $2 the hot meal did not look all that great. Hiring the entertaiment unit was good value for $12. Take a pashmina instead of a blanket as $15 is a bit much. The service was great the young people are so much friendlier than Qantas and I am FF and Qantas club gal. We just came back Qantas Business from LA, Sept 30 and they are better but so they should be ! ON the way home from Hawaii Aug 21 ..........I am 6' and I sat side on as seat spare but the actual seats were more comfortable than Qantas. They were selling Star class when I checked in on the way home for US$400, that was the price to ugrade and if you had the $ it would be worth it. It was to fill the seats. I had 1x 29 kgs and 1x15kgs luggage and a hand luggae too and no hassle at all. Would I do it again if I was paying and not using points ? Yes esp if it was at that time of year as there were quite a few seats free. The configuration was 2, 4 ,2 . Enjoy hope this helps

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15. Re: Jetstar

I saw an newspaper add for early booking for next year on jetstar for 399.00


Adelaide, Australia
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16. Re: Jetstar

I will start of by saying that I work for Virgin Blue, and I get discount flying standby with Hawaiian. But for the money you cant go past Jetstar.I flew solo Jetstar SYD to HNL in May this year (2008). Got return tix inc taxes for $598. Payed extra for the comfort kit, $7 and the meals, $30. First things first, DONT buy the comfort pack. You get a almost see-thru blanket, that has that much staic charge, it may throw the aircraft instruments off! I fell asleep with the blanket around me and I woke up "shrink wrapped" by this thing with the staic cling. The aircraft was in excellent condition, seat were conforatble and enough room, I am 192cms and fitted OK. Crew were very friendly. Food was excellent, a choice of three main meals at night, and hot breakky in the morning. If I remember correctly the return flight meals werent really worthwhile. Movies were OK. Juno and 27 Dresses were on at the time and a classic episode of Hawaii-50!

Like I said at the start, for the price I cant beat em. And I am going with them again in May 2009. $711 return inc taxes.

Sydney Aust.
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17. Re: Jetstar

As I wrote earlier back in July, we used our FF points and chose Qantas to fly with.

Our flight over was great, fantastic cabin crew, very attentive, meals were good, ice creams etc. about a 9hr flight.

Our flight home two weeks later was something different again, the crew seemed to be at odds with one another, the senior flight attendant was just plain surly ( at least it gave us something to do on the long flight home - watching to see if he cracked a smile - he didn't. ) They ran out of the prominent choice of hot meals at lunch AND dinner, salmon being one of the choices for dinner ( I would have thought that seafood on a plane was not a good choice. ) As my daughter and I do not eat seafood we went without dinner as did everyone else behind us that didn't like seafood, we were seated in the middle of the plane, so there would have been quite a few disgruntled passengers!

The crew on this flight were not very attentive at all, this ended up being a 12 hr flight ( this was the same plane that was then sent on to Perth but had to land in Adelaide because the toilets had not been emptied. )

Both planes over and back were old planes with the big screens for entertainment.

We have always chosen to fly with Qantas whenever we can or at least

an affiliated airline but Qantas are experiencing far too many problems of late, personally speaking they are not the same as they used to be.

One final point our flight over to Hawaii was delayed by a couple of hours leaving Sydney, causing us to miss our connecting flight to Kauai, which in turn led to a very anxious 5hr wait on stand-by at Honolulu airport. We also experienced problems with Hawaiian Air inter-island flights with a cancelled flight and no information.

Maybe just a sign of the times, I hope not!

Good Luck with whatever you choose hopefully all goes well.

It just seems to be a bit hit and miss with regards to reliability.

Melbourne, Australia
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18. Re: Jetstar

We recently flew home from Honolulu with Qantas. When we boarded the plane we couldn't believe that we didn't have individual screens for a 10 hr flight.

Sydney Aust.
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19. Re: Jetstar

Qantas seems to use their older planes to Hawaii and return and yes our teenage daughters were more than a little shocked when we boarded an older, smaller plane with no in seat screens. We have travelled to Fiji with our children a number of times with Air Pacific on newer, larger planes with in seat entertainment and that is only a 3 and a half to 4 hour flight.

Our neighbor who retired from Qantas a number of years ago laughed when I told him, his surprised comment " that WAS an old plane ".

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20. Re: Jetstar

Thanks for your info and advice everyone. We have decided to fly Hawaiian (couldn't fault them last time) and are heading off in May '09. Lets hope the Aussie dollar is a lot stronger by then!